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i want to...

crawl back into bed and not get out till my wedding. can i do that??

DIYing my centerpieces was not very smart, it's the biggest source of unrest & stress with me at this point. uuuggghhh!

and since i'm venting - i'm sooo tired of wedding questions! i feel like i'm being interrogated about every detail of everything! i know intentions are good but it really is just adding to my stress. gah!

ok i just needed to get that off my chest! thanks!! 11 days!!

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Re: i want to...

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    So close!!! I agree I hate monday's! And the rest of the week I am working also lol.
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    I feel ya! I'm so over the planning and stress and ridiculous nightmares I've been having I just want it to be the day already 
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