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Review of honeymoon, Secrets the Vine PIP

We just got back from our honeymoon at Secrets the Vine in Cancun.  Pretty much the most amazing vacation ever!  Everyone there, and in Cancun generally, were so accomodating and helpful.  I'm told that is because everyone works for tips, and gets paid next to nothing as base pay.  I'm going to break down a bit of the trip for anyone who is looking to vacation at Secrets, or in Cancun, in the near future.  Feel free to ask any questions.

The Resort:
The Vine is the newest Secrets resort, and it's gorgeous! We were greeted with a glass of champagne, and given a general tour of the resort before being taken to check-in.  The place is huge, and everywhere you look employees are cleaning and maintaining the property. . . it was spotless!  Food was delicious and plentiful.  Just make sure to look at the daily activities to page to know what is open and closed that night.  The pools are gorgeous.  There are tons of activities should you choose to partake in them.  We had a private dinner on the beach that was so nice.  We took scuba lessons, watched a magician, enjoyed a mariachi band, etc.  There is always something to do, even when the weather is crummy (which it was a few days)

Negatives about the resort are pretty limited.  There were some obnoxious guests, the guys screaming at the pool while they funneled beers, the crazy drunk men talking obnoxiously loud in the restaurants, etc.  No big deal really, and not the resorts fault.  One morning we didn't have any running water in the room which was an annoyance, but remedied by the time we returned from our excursion.  Also, the resort just opened, so these things happen.  DH was annoyed that they don't adhere to dinner dress codes.  They state that men are required to wear long pants, closed shoes, and collared shirts in a few of the restaurants, but there were guys there in tshirts, shorts and flipflops. . . also not a huge deal, but annoying to DH who packed extra clothes specifically for dinner, and after the two of us making the effort to dress nicely for dinner, being seated next to people who just rolled off the beach.

Excursion to Chichen Itza
Amazing, and informative.  One of the 7 wonders of the world, and an amazing place.  Take a hat or umbrella with you for the sun and also the random downpours that seem to occur everyday down there.  There are TONS of vendors which is annoying, you need to ignore them or they will be all over you.  We also swam in a cenote.  It was amazing and gorgeous, but really tough to swim in because it is cold fresh water.

Excursion to Isla Mujeres
So much fun!  We both got sunburned though, even though I reapplied sunblock a number of times.  We took a catamaran there that was a lot of fun.  It was basically a party boat with dancing and drinks.  The island is gorgeous and the town we went to was really cute.  I got a tamale for like 2 bucks from some woman selling them out of her house. . . it was delicious.  There was also snorkeling which was cool, but not my favorite. . . . i get a little claustrophobic breathing through a tube.  Keep in mind that everyone tells you to use biodegradeable sunscreen for the reefs.  It is pricey at the excursions, get it before.

Excursion to Explor
Insane!  It was the priciest thing we did, but worth it.  Explor is an adventure park with ziplining, cave rafting, cave swimming and amphibious vehicle driving.  You are literally underground half the days in caves.  It is quite the workout with rowing, swimming, and climbing stairs for all the ziplines.  It is nice because you can really go in any weather, since you are getting wet anyway, the rain is not a big deal.  It poured half the day we were there.  Wear water shoes, not flipflops!

Re: Review of honeymoon, Secrets the Vine PIP

  • Sounds awesome! Do you have anymore pics of the resort?

    We HMed at Secrets Maroma and found the same annoyances with dress code (one guy wore jean shorts every night!).  Glad it sounds so nice and you had a great HM!

  • I love reading reviews like this! Mexico is one place you always hear so many things about but reviews are really appreciated.
    We loved Xplor as well. It was so much fun. It was very hot the day we were there though so the waiting in line a bit before going on the zip lines was a bit uncomfortable. One of our favorite excursions.

    I think next time we go we may want to stay in Cancun instead of Playa Del Carmen. But I am not sure. :-)


  • I'm going on Friday!
  • What vendor did you use for the excusrion to Isla Mujeres?
  • Can you give us a quick review of the restaurants you ate at and what meals you enjoyed.  Thanks.

  • We booked our trip to Isla Mujeres through Olympus tours in the lobby.  The tour company was called Albatros.  It took about 20 minutes to get to their dock via bus as it is pretty far down the strip.  I  guess you could take a taxi too, but they are upwards of 20-30 bucks, whereas the bus  is $1 per person, easy and safe.

    The resort restaurants:
    Blue Water Grill is the steakhouse.  The soups were good as well as the steak.  Nothing overly amazing, but a decent well cooked steak.  The sides were all good, we got 2 or 3 to share between us.  I really liked the loaded mashed potatoes.

    Nebbiolo is the Italian restaurant.  It was my favorite.  A lot of people were getting the rack of lamb for dinner.  I had the penne arrabiato th first night and it was amazing, spicy and flavorful.  The other night we went there I tried the papardelle with gorgonzola and mushrooms.  It was not what i was expecting. . . . although not bad by any stretch of the imagination.  They took it away and gave me the penne arrabiato again, lol.  Carpaccio appetizer was amazing there as was the spinach and artichoke fondue.  Actually, all the appetizers were great. 

    Olio is Mediterranian, and completely outside.  They have some nice musicians in the evening too.  Olio is one restaurant where men aren't required to wear pants, shorts are ok.  The cucumber yogurt sauce they bring out with the bread is delicious.  I had trout that was very yummy.  They do a lot of grilled food out there too.

    The Market Cafe is the buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They have a lot of mexican specialties.  I had tamales for breakfast a few times.  They also have an extensive juice bar at breakfast and a self serve mimosa and bloody mary bar.  Everything I tasted was yummy.

    Sea Grill (?) was out by the pool.  I had amazing fish tacos there one day for lunch.

    The Sports Bar had food options, but we never ate there.  I think it was more traditional bar fare.

    The coffee shop in the lobby had really tasty little sandwiches to grab as a snack, they were all yummy

    Near the bar they have chips and guacamole as well as other light fare during the day, super yummy too.

    We got room service breakfast a few times, usually eggs, hashbrowns and fruit.  It was always tasty.  They forgot ketchup occasionally, but if you mention it they will get it for you.  My husband got cream of mushroom soup from room service a few times too.  The scallops with spaghetti was decent, but the sauce was much sweeter than I am used to.  The nachos were really tasty.

    Generally, I didn't love the desserts.  Some were fine, some were ehh.  I am a big dessert girl so that was a touch disappointing.  They are all tiny, so you aren't really wasting much if you get one and end up not liking it, which is nice.

    I typically don't like croissants, but they have a chocolate croissant that is amazing.  I may have had a few of them, lol
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