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PSA: Giftcards

I wanted to share a website that pays you for shopping online.  Most of these things sound like a scam, but I have been a member since 1999 and have managed to scoop up hundreds of dollars in giftcards. And all from shopping online like I would anywhere else.Yesterday, I redeemed a $25 Target card that I plan on using to buy some items for my candy buffet, and I thought I would share this with all the other brides-to-be!www.mypoints.comI'm not trying to get referral credit here so I won't even share my username. My recommendation to everyone is to use a email address where they don't mind getting junk mail. MyPoints sends email offers many times each day, and you get points just for clicking the links. You can get points for surveys as well. The majority of your points come from shopping -- before you go to target.com, go to mypoints and click-thru their site, so when you check out (using the same email add. as mypoints) you get credited.I know a lot of us are on a tight budget, and every dollar helps! For 10 years I have been getting paid to shop online and it's awesome! (I remember my first giftcard was $100 and I used it to get the Sketcher roller skates -- it's embarrassing to admit that!!)Anyway, I hope this is helpful for some people!!

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