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Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I did eventually get in touch with Joel (of Joel's Floral Designs) by calling his cell phone, but he said that he was going to be out of town on my wedding date. Our conversation was REALLY short, so I can't tell you much about him, but at least now you know that he's still in business :)

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    Thanks for the update.  I met with my caterer and DOC to look at linens and Joel is included in my caterer's package.  I kept mentioning his name like "oh he includes this flower or he can probably do this" because "joel this" "joel that" to see if I got weird looks or they said something.  Instead, the DOC said "oh he might include some callas" so I figured he was in business, but I didn't ask. My friend used elegant bodas by Elsa and got a super good deal and was happy. Not sure if you have another florist or not yet. 
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