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I'm thinking about getting married aboard the Carnival ship Imagination. Does anyone have any experience with Carnival cruise weddings? I need all the advice I can get!!

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    I don't, but when I was on a cruise with Royal Caribbean, there was a couple getting married and it seemed like a lot of fun. The ship even kind of showcased the couple the entire trip. I felt like I saw them everywhere, but they were having a great time. They got married right before pulling out to port and then walked the ship in their wedding attire taking photo's. It seemed pretty neat, but this would only be ideal for a very small group of people if you are planning on family being there too.
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    My brother did it and it was a lot of fun. However there are some things that you ned to watch out for. First, the photographer was the biggest joke. You can barely see there wedding pictures. Second, my brother and his wife paid to rent out a private club for open bar. The bartender started shutting it down and wouldnt serve anymore drinks even though they still had an hour. By the time the manager came it was time to close up shop so they got shorted. Hope this helps and if you need more information let me kno!
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    I am going on a week cruise o Carnival with friends & family but getting married when we get off in St Thomas. Let me know if u need info. you can email me at msarlyn@hotmail.com GL

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