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Engagement photo session CHECK!!

As some of u already know this wknd I took my E pic's. I took them Saturday which by the way it was a rainy day and I was so depressed and upset it wouldn't stop raining. But once we met up with my photographer to take the picture he tried to make the best out of it..which he did!!! Also the FI tried to cheer me up.The only thing is the place I choosed we were not able to take as many different pictures since it wouldn't stopped raining and the garden was closing by the time the rain stopped so we had to leave and finished taking pictures on Atlantic Ave. In the end it didn't really matter where I took my pictures whether it was raining or sunny it was who was by my side. I think I over stressed out.Btw I now know what you guys mean about the teaers will kill ya. I just checked my inbox and my photog sent me 1 picture...lol.. And I love it! I will post tomorrow the picture up tomorrow. =)

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Re: Engagement photo session CHECK!!

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