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Hi, I wanted to ask you out of Coral Gables Linens and Leyani who had the better prices..Im on a super budge. My caterer is offering me the linens with my package. But still want to look elsewhere. Thank you
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    The prices were pretty equal, but Gables Linens was willing to negotiate.  Overall, putting price aside, I had a better experience with Gables Linens.  I went to Leyani and told them I wanted to see green and yellow linens, and they wanted me to tell them exactly what shade, but I told them I could not until I saw them.  They showed several shades but did not set up a table for me.  I then asked them about draping and she explained the different options to me but did not show me any pictures.When I went to Gables Linens, I had a much better experience.  Sarah was great, set up a table for me with different options (including chair cover v chivari chair, chargers, table numbers, she even put flowers in the middle to show me what it would look like with a centerpiece).  She then showed me tons of pictures of my venue drapped.  Without even having to ask she extended a 10% discount.I know that some knotties have been very happy with Leyani, I just did not have a good experience when I went. 
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