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Anyone heard of these islands?

I read about them in Food and Wine magazine and they are STUNNING... but I've never heard of them before! lol. Apparently they're some of the top islands to visit?

Anyway, if you've heard of them, what have you heard?
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Re: Maldives?

  • They're a popular honeymoon destination, but it's a looooong flight!  It's a chain of islands in the Indian Ocean.  Excellent diving, luxury resorts, that sort of thing. 
  • We have wanted to go there for awhile. As pp said, LONG flight. It was in the top slot as our HM destination, but it turned out we had a destination wedding and you cannot legally marry there. We're hoping to go there in a year or two. We had planned on it for our 1st anniversary but decided we wanted to return to our HM destination (Lizard Island) instead. The Maldives has a lot of private island resorts, so it's very exclusive and very expensive. Expect flights to cost up to $2K/person and resorts to run around $1k/night. On average, most trips there cost close to $10K+ because once you get there, you'll want to stay there awhile. It's not one of those places you go to for 5 nights unless you are combining it with Dubai or something. There are a lot of choices there and you'll find the easiest way to get there is via Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Singapore.


  • I've been there and it is gorgeous, but very expensive.  A pizza at the resort we stayed at was $40.  We flew Emirates to Dubai, stayed there for 4 nights, then 9 nights at Huvafen Fuschi in the North Male Atoll.  It was a great trip, but the cost was around $1,200 per night at the hotel plus air.  We flew business class, but even a coach ticket is around $3-5K.  Use a travel agent for the most help.  They might recommend other close by options that could fit in a budget or even other exotci destinations, like the Seychelles, Mauritius, or even Tahiti.
  • Agree with PP, the islands are gorgeous, due to government restrictions (no tourists are allowed in Male-the main island and where the airport is) you have to connect right away to your island, many islands have only one resort therefore you can imagine the cost of bringing everything in. Other than cost it is an amazing trip, I would say one of a lifetime...
  • We went to Dubai then the Maldives in august for our HM.  It is true paradise....flights, food and hotel are expensive, but if you're up to being pampered and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience, then go for it.  
    Our resort was only 15min by speed boat from the airport, so it wasnt bad, they picked us up and dropped us off no problem.  Some islands/resorts are much further so it really depends on which island you end up with.  
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