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Sandals St Lucia

I think my FI and I have decided on Sandals La Toc for our honeymoon in June. Just wondering, should I book through the website or a travel agent? I heard there wasnt really a difference. Thanks!

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    I've booked 3 through Sandals and 1 with a TA there was no difference.
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    We used a travel agent who partnered with Go Go Vacations and that was diastrous!

    Make sure you know if your travel agent is using a 3rd party because we were scheduled to fly out the morning after our wedding.  We arrived at the airport around 5 AM only to find out that our connecting flight no longer connected and we'd be stuck in San Juan with no guarantees of getting to St. Lucia.

    We ended up staying in various hotels for about 3 nights before finally booking a flight to St. Lucia.  It was great once we finally got there but we were only scheduled off work a specific amount of time and we were out money for the hotels we stayed at and never received compensation from either party for our troubles.

    Just a warning...
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    We've always booked Sandals with our TA, simply because she has always recommended resorts to us based on what we were looking for.  Our first Sandals we went to was La Toc and we LOVED it.  (We were actually thinking of going to a Secrets and she thought we'd enjoy La Toc more-- she was right!)  We've always had a great experience with her and have felt that she gets us little extras at the resorts.  (We just went to Beaches Turks and Caicos and we had 2 free 5" X 7's photos.)  I've never booked Sandals on my own, so I don't know if you would get these perks without a TA.  If you are interested, I can pass along her info- just PM me.

    Good luck!
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    After booking through a travel agent, I'd say that there is no difference. 
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    We are going to Grande St. Lucian in September after our wedding, and we booked with a TA. Although we could've done it all on our own, we loved that our TA was so knowledgeable about St. Lucia since she'd been there before. She had tons of information on things to bring, where to eat off the resort for a night, if you wanted, and much more! She also just made the whole experience painless for us! We had to coordinate using miles to pay for our flights, and she helped with that, as well as got us many discounts! I am sure that everything can be done on your own, but it's not a bad idea to talk to a TA to see if they have anything great up his/her sleeve! :)
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    My FI and I are going to Sandals Halcyon Beach in Jan 2013 (3 months before our wedding, woops- trip was planned long before wedding was!). Anyway, we planned it through Sandals as well - it was easy, and the same price if we had booked things separately. I can't wait!
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    We are going to St. Lucia Halcyon in July 2013 and we booked using a TA.  One reason to use a TA, especially one that may be a Sandals specialist, is that she was able to help us with the proper room category and at which resort to stay. I also thought I wanted to go to La Toc but when I told the agent about my desires (ie. beachfront room, no high-rises, Caribean feel, etc.), she was able to help us determine that Halcyon was probably a better fit for us.  I'm not pushing Halcyon, just suggesting that a TA may be the way to go to ensure you're getting everything you really want out of the resort.  Good Luck!!

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