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I took my engagement pictures last Friday, October 9th. I dealt with basically 3 vendors: hair & makeup, photographer, and location.HAIR & MAKE UP:Brittany on behalf of Amy PalmaShe waited about 10 minutes until I came down (bad bride, I know, I was running horribly late), and was very patient about it. Brittany was also very nice and friendly. She was very organized, bringing a suitcase for make up and one for hair. Was I 100% happy with hair & make up? No.Am I going to look for another hair & make up person? No.If this is Amy Palma's understudy, I'll go with Amy Palma on my wedding day. So what went wrong? Well, I felt my make up was too heavy. I may be biased, because my idea of make up is eyeliner and chapstick, but even Craig agreed: a bit too much. My hair, I had to comb to reach the desired shape, because the waves I wanted were initially almost curls.Eventually my hair settled down the way I wanted (whether intentionally by Brittany or by itself, I do not know), and my make up wore down a bit until I arrived at The Breakers. My advice is to request of your make up artist to let you see each step. That way, you can guide her towards what you want (less eyeliner here, more shimmer there), without any surprises. I know I'll do that next time.LOCATION:The BreakersI loved every minute of it. Everybody was on Craig's and my beck and call. When I thought Craig could use a tie, the outiques inside The Breakers (Raulph Lauren & Burberry) rushed to get him several ties. When I got my dress stained on the hem, the manager of Burberry helped me remove it.To change outfits, the concierge had a bellboy keep our bags with our clothes for us, and let us use their powder rooms to change.Virginia Parmigiano, our coordinator, took care that no one bothered us during our exploration of the location. Even going to the beach, all I had to say was "My name is Jen ..." and they would let me pass, with a congratulation on my upcoming wedding.All in all I am very glad I'm having my wedding at The Breakers.PHOTOGRAPHY:Jonathan ScottHe was 10 minutes late. Lol, okay, I'm being jokingly harsh here. He was there pretty much on time (it felt like he was 10 minutes late because we were early!). He came in ready to shoot, with a bag with various lenses for his big camera (size matters, hoho).He has an outstanding eye to catch a good spot for a picture. He first led us to a deserted corner with palm trees behind us and I thought "... Ordinary" but then the poses he made us do changed my mind.That's another thing: he figures you out for about 10 minutes and then shoots you for real. Craig and I are not big public smoochers, we would rather be told what to do and how to pose and then relax and kiss for the camera. Halfway posed, halfway candid. And he knew exactly how to guide us for the perfect shot. He was funny and a good sport, making sure we were comfortable before doing anything.Craig did have something to say, though: it seemed at times (mostly at first) that he was in a hurry to get our shoot done. While true, I think he redeemed himself. It was hot outside, we did about 4 different settings, all outside, because he wanted to get sunlight (which is better). He showed us a couple of shots from the beach and ... wow. I can't wait to see my e-pics.I have no doubt he'll amaze me on our wedding day.PIG OUT JOINT POST-EPICS DIET:Cheesecake FactorySome bizzo wouldn't pick up the phone when we called the Curbside parking number, so I strode inside and demanded my food. Other than that, red velvet cheesecake was amazing.

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