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Hello all,

I've read a number of great reviews about Secrets. My husband and I are excited about our upcoming trip to the Rivera Maya. I had a few questions and I was hoping couples who may have visited Secrets could help me out. I'm sorry about all of the questions, some may seem a bit stupid. So sorry in advance. I just want to make sure we get the best honeymoon ever

I know that it isn't necessary to book excursions off the resort because I hear that there is so much too do. However, if we did decide to do excursions outside the resort, is it a good idea to book before we arrive or wait until we arrive at the resort?

I was a bit confused. On some of the reviews I've read, I've seen people encourage couples to make reservations for the asian restaurant, however, I didn't think you had to make reservations.

What restaurants do you reccommend?
Did anyone get the Honeymoon package and if so how was it? Do you know if its possible to pay an extra fee for a longer massage

Thanks for everything. And please add anymore tips, we would greatly appreciate it.

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    We just got back from SMB- you'll love it!  To answer your questions:

    We did go to Xel-Ha, and we booked at the resort through our United Vacations rep.  You could maybe get a better price by booking before you go, but we felt really comfortable booking it at the resort because we knew we would get to our destination and back without any problems.  

    If you want to do the Tepinyaki table, you need to make reservations.  We made ours the night we arrived for the middle of our trip, and it was probably our favorite dinner.  You can eat there without a reservation, but don't go to be a part of the show.  I would definitely recommend making a reservation to do the whole thing!

    We ate at the italian restaurant, a steakhouse, the mexican restaurant, asian restaurant, did room service, and ate at one of their buffet dinners, and they were all pretty good.  I would say my favorites were probably the steak house and the asian restaurant, but there are lots of things to choose from at each place, so you'll be able to find something you like at all of them I'm sure.  For breakfast we did the World Cafe each day except our excursion day (we did room service as our shuttle left at 7AM that day), and it was EXCELLENT.  Probably our favorite meal each day :)

    We got the honeymoon package, but honestly didn't even take advantage of anything... maybe someone else will be of help on this one :)  We were too busy relaxing, enjoying the beach and each other's company, that we didn't do the massage or beach-front dinner.  It was so windy when we were there, that the beachfront dinner didn't seem all that great of an idea anyways.

    Hope you have a great time, I'm sure you'll love it!  One of these days I'll post a review, whenever I have time to write it.  If you have other questions, just ask! 
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    thanks so much for your help. that helps alot and I truly appreciate it.  Actually, you made me even more excited to go.
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    [QUOTE] I know that it isn't necessary to book excursions off the resort because I hear that there is so much too do. Posted by w101tib[/QUOTE]

    an excursion is fastly different from what a resort has to ofer. no mayan ruins on the resort grounds to climb or deep sea fishing from your lounge chair :)
    i just want to make sure you're clear that while there are things to do at the resort that they're nowhere near all of the day trips that the are has to offer.

    if you're not sure just wait until you get there. if you want to see what they have to offer go and see, if not enjoy your time at the resort. it's up to you.


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    Hello! My DH and I HM'd at SMB last May. This resort is absolutely fantastic!

    As PP mentioned, you need to make a reservation for the asian restaurant if you want to sit at the Tepinyaki table - which I HIGHLY recommend. It was so much fun and the food was delish. Just make your reservation as soon as you get there so you don't have to worry about it the rest of the week.

    We were really happy with all of the food choices there. I think we tried every restaurant at least once. We only had breakfast in the world cafe one morning and every other morning we ordered room service for breakfast and it was the best thing we thought to do the whole trip, lol. All room service is included in your stay, so be sure to take full advantage. It was so nice to have a quiet breakfast out on the balcony every morning instead of having to get ready and go to a buffet.

    I also recommend reserving a beach bed one day - and be sure to do this early in your stay b/c they fill up quick! We made the mistake of not reserving early enough and they were full by the time we remembered to do it. This is an extra charge ($30 for the day if I remember right) but totally worth it. You get your own personal butler all day who will bring you food and drinks to your bed on the beach. Very nice!

    We did the HM package while we were there also and it was awesome! We received a 30 minute couples massage (yes you can pay extra to have this extended if you like - OR you can also switch to a facial or something else if you prefer that over a massage). The spa here is wonderful and the massages were amazing, so dont miss out on that. We also had a private dinner on the beach one night. This wasnt my favorite simply b/c it was really windy at night down on the beach so it was chilly and the service took longer since they had to get the food all the way down on the beach to us! Still something fun to experience :)

    Have fun and if you have more questions let us know! I also found that the forums on TripAdvisor were a wealth of information, if you havent checked there yet....

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    The pp's answers your questions and I agree with their answers.

    We booked our Xplror (ATVs, zipline, rafts and swimming) at the resort through our Apple vacation rep.  It probably would have been cheaper to book online. But we were undecided on what we wanted to do before we arrived.  Plus, we looked at the forecast and decided to do the excursion on the day that was forecasted to be least hot.

    The habachi grill is awesome.  You will need a reservation to sit here and can book with your consierge or the front desk.  Book it the day you arrive, even if you want to eat there later in the week, because it will fill up.

    We got a massage with our HM package and it was awesome!! Again, I recommend making your appt the day you arrive for whenever you want it later in the week.

    I have a write up in my Ms. Bio about our food preferences.  We enjoyed dinners the most and ate everywhere for dinner except the french restaurant and World Cafe; which is funny because my best friend HMed there a year after us and their fav dinner sport was World Cafe.  We loved the Italian and Habachi the best.
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