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So many ppl are so close!

So much has happen this weekend....and so MUCH MORE to come! Congrats to all those girls with great checks and awesome pre-wedding celebrations.Just stopping by to say hi!!! Miss planning. :(I'll def. be back to share my pics and video. I have a few on FB. Mrs. Gladys D

Re: So many ppl are so close!

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    Cute Siggy. Can't wait for more pics! P.S. I uploaded the pics from your bach party to FB but it failed. I need to redo it. I will try and do that this week!
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    Hi Gladys! Good to see you! I can't wait to see more pics...your siggy pic is awesome :)
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    hey gladys!! Love the new siggy. I dont have u on fb would love to see ur pics =)

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