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Hi girls!!We have a fabulous board with ladies that are all unique, different and AMAZING!!!This will be a great way for us all to get to know each other. Answer each question honestly and full - can't wait to learn more about the South Florida Knotties!!If you would like to be included, reply to this with your knottie name and first name!Hayley- you're up lady!!xoxoCourtneyLET THE QUESTIONS BEGIN!!!!!!!!!! *******************************>1. First Name & FI's First name and wedding date?2. Where did you go to college?3. What part of the world do you live in?4. How did you and FI Meet?5. How long have you been together?6. Do you live together? Why or why not?7. How did FI propose?8. How long of an engagement are you having/did you have? Why?9. Favorite wedding vendor so far?10. Biggest piece of wedding advice you can share so far?11. What do you do for a career? What does FI do?12. Do you think you could be/will ever be a stay at home mama?13. Do you want children? Any potential names yet?14. Do you have any pets? Names?15. Do you have any siblings?16. What is your favorite food?17. What is your favorite movie?18. What is your favorite drink? (Alcohol and Non-Alcohol)19. What is the hardest part of wedding plans for you?20. Where are you honeymooning?21. What is the best thing you learned on The Knot?22. What's one city you would love to live in for a year?23. What do you love most about your FI?24. If you have an extra $5000 to put towards your wedding only, what would you spend it on?25. What is one silly thing about you?26. What Knottie wedding would you love to attend?27. What is something you learned from The Knot that you never heard of prior?28. What other Knottie boards do you visit?29. Describe yourself in 3 words.30. What else do you want to share?? THANKS FOR SHARING!
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    The day is almost over (hardly but hey lol) and she's not here :\
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    OMG SORRY! Today has been super crazy I just got on my computer and saw this. I am going to answer them now =).
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