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Just a reminder to stay away from junior production.

Hi again, I know I posted this before... But, the more time goes by I am still pissed!!! The music is one of the most important parts of your wedding... You pay alot of money to make sure it goes right and you want to deal with professional people. TRUST ME, HE LOOKS FOR WAYS TO STIR THE POT THAT DAY!!!! HE WONT PLAY WHAT YOU ASK AND DOES WHATEVER HE WANTS.. ALSO, IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS SONGS, HE SHOUTS OUT THE NAME OF HIS BAND! YUCK. Please know that there is more to the story. I posted it before. If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to give you info. Reviews to follow, hopefully soon...

Re: Just a reminder to stay away from junior production.

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    wtf announcing his band during your wedding. ppssfftt!! thanks for posting.

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    Thanks for sharing your experiance; I'm sorry it went so bad for you :( However- I just want to say that, just like with every other vendor out there, each and and every bride has their own personal experiences. Junior's actually did my brothers wedding and my friends wedding and things went great. I am actually using him as well. I do find it annoying that he says "Juniors Productions" during the night but I knew this before signing (you hear it during his promo cd). He does have a certain "latin/macho" attitude but I think it's important to show him who's boss from the beginning. What's great about this board is the opportunity to give other brides your personal opinions, positive or negative. Hopefully other girls will be able to read your review and know what to look out for when booking him.
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