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To those who have been to Hawaii (Maui!):

We're going to Maui for our HM in July...sooo excited!! We've pre-paid for a few activities in hopes that we won't get too crazy with spending money (luau, snorkeling, sunset cruise). What I am wondering from those of you who have gone, is what to pack that I may not think of? I mean beyond the obvious things like swimwear, nice dining clothes, casual clothes, etc. I know the beaches are rocky, and we plan to do the Road to Hana, so what kinds of footwear would be appropriate? Anythng else?


Re: To those who have been to Hawaii (Maui!):

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    I wore flip flops all the time, even on the Road to Hana.  I think the only time I wore sneakers is when we went to Haleakala.  If you plan to visit the volcano you will need jeans, long sleeves, jackets, etc. (We went in November and weren't really prepared for how cold it was.)

    I packed swimwear and cover ups, brought 2 nice sundresses for dinner and a couple of short dresses.  But once I got there, I bought 2 Hawaiian dresses in town and pretty much wore them the entire time.  They are sooo comfortable and it's what you will see all the women wearing. 

    It is very windy there so I would bring bobby pins, a baseball cap, etc. -- whatever you would do with your hair on a windy day.  I think I only wore mine down once.  I have pics in my bio of our trip.
  • I wore flip flops everywhere.  You aren't hiking the Road to Hana, you're driving it :-)  There are stops along the way in the beautiful forest where you can walk around, but you don't need hiking boots unless you plan to, y'know, hike.

    Definitely bring warmer clothes if you intend to go to Haleakala like Stephie said.  Even in July, before the sun comes up it is cooooold up there.  If you plan to bike down, you need layers!
  • We went hiking several times in various parks so we needed hiking shoes and good socks.  

    We loved Haleakala and went several times.  Pack hat, gloves, scarves, sweatshirts and good windbreakers.  It was very windy and cold at the top (45 degrees) even though it was very warm and sunny at seashore (90 degrees).   We were there in September which was there warmest time.

    You may also need a lightweight long sleeve shirt to wear for sun protection.  I got sunburnt there and needed to cover up.    The beaches on the Big Island were rockier than Maui so I didn't find that I needed sneaker at the beach.  

    Pick up the Maui Revealed book.  That was a good source for us for some out of the way hikes that were gorgeous and free.  
  • Water Shoes! I got mine at Walmart. Flip flops most of the time, but if you are going to do any walking in the water or snorkeling you will be glad you have them.
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    THANK YOU ALL!!! Very helpful and I have ordered the book,"Maui: Unrevealed." I am mor eexicted about the HM than the wedding!

    To those of you who went to Maui, any specific recommendations as far as day trips, restaurants, etc? We are staying at the Hyatt.
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