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Was just looking at your bio and noticed we are both having our ceremonies at Plymouth! My wedding is 10/23/10. LOVE that church! My sister was married there 5 years ago and I always knew I'd have my wedding there too. Has everything gone OK there? So far so good with me!Also, The Links was my #2 choice! I visited the venue and loved it but we decided to go with my all-time favorite, the Bank of America Tower. I saw that you're using a separate caterer. You didn't go with the chef at the Links? I'm interested in how that worked out.The look for your wedding looks awesome! Good job! :)

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    Hi Congrats...   how funny we also looked at the BOA towers... the only reason we did not go with them is because I really wanted a cozy reception with a latin vibe and I really wanted to have the Paella chef cooking during our cocktail hour... BOA tower did not let us outsource our catering, but it is an amazing location. So far Plymouth has been great, we have no complaints... My parents were married there 28 years ago so we are very excited to continue the tradition... are you putting flowers for your ceremony? we keep going back and forth with this but I think the church has so much going on already that the flowers wont stand out. Andreina from the Links is awesome and we probably would have had her cook if i wasnt so set on the paella idea. In the begining of the wedding planning I saw pictures of a wedding done in Villa woodbine that I fell in love with and they did the paella, of course Villa Woodbine is WAY out of our budget so we were trying to pull off the same cozy/romantic feel.   keep me updated on your wedding... it seems like we had very similar visions... lolGL  
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    WOW! I had no idea they let you bring outside caterers! That's AWESOME! I'm not sure about flowers at the church either. We will probably just go with altar arrangements and be done with it. You're right--I'm not sure if flowers at the pews will really stand out. I've been trying to find pictures of weddings there from different photographers but it's not so easy! So far I found Red Door Photography shot a wedding there, and also Joseph Casal recently.That's how I get ideas! I stalk photographer's websites! LOL
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