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Charging for a tasting?

My reception center wants to charge us $20 to try out the food that we have to buy anyway. They didn't tell us that up front - the lady in charge says she "reluctantly" mentions it when she has to. Does anyone else have to pay to taste the food from a provider they've already selected?
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Re: Charging for a tasting?

  • deamn03deamn03 member
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    I have never heard of this from any location that we looked at.  Is there anythat that is noted in your agreement with the reception center?
  • JKohioJKohio member
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    When we tasted food at Michaud's, they charged us a nominal fee -- around $2 -- for basically a takeout box of items to taste.The place we ended up booking, the Belarusan American Community Center, did not charge us for the tasting box (and we tasted BEFORE signing any contracts).Some venues do charge for the tasting. Personally, I don't think that's right and it turns me off, no matter how small the fee. IMO, $20 sounds high -- what's on that tasting menu? Lobster and filet mignon? How much do you get (i.e. how many people does the 'tasting' serve)? If it's a full meal for two or more (including all extras -- salad, bread, dessert) and decent restaurant quality, maybe it's justified? And, will they be preparing it just for you or is it part of another banquet meal they're already making? (IMO, if it's part of another banquet, that's actually better because you can try the food as it will be -- prepared in quantity -- rather than as one plate. It's more true to the way it will be for your reception.)Was this fee indicated in the contract you signed (I assume you have a contract with them since you say you've 'selected' them)? If it is an additional fee they want you to pay at the tasting (and not mentioned in the contract), I'd fight to have it waived. $20 is chump change to them. If it's been itemized into your contract and you've already given a down payment, you may be stuck.I also don't think it's right for venues to only offer tastings to those who've already signed a contract, but unfortunately, that happens, too.Good luck!
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    I have not heard of this.  I would be very alarmed at this point-- what else are they charging extra for that you thought was implied as included?  Do yourself a favor and review that contract with a fine toothed comb-- make sure there are no more suprises.  Are they opening the place special for you on this tasting day?  Perhaps you could get a discount if you do your tasting at the same time as another bride.
  • HendersonLHendersonL member
    edited December 2011
    I agree. Look at your contract to see if the fee is stated. She can't "reluctantly" tell you things that aren't included in there. She's trying to make you feel stingy, when they are the ones being cheap about things.
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