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Exciting Miami Checks!

Met with Vivian Colls yesterday (florist). We LOVE her. FI was chiming in so much. I was so impressed with him expressing himself about flowers, LOL!  Her work is beautifully displayed at her house and FI loved her idea of height and crazy, non-structured centerpieces. I have samples in  my bio of centerpieces that we’re going with. Love love! She’s sending a revised proposal and we’re signing this week.


My DRESS!! Check! Man, such a toughy. Even though I found her in NYC, I wanted to wait and try it on with my Mom, sis and bff -  so we went to Deerfield to try the sample on but it didn’t fit (it was a 10).   The rep tied it onto me to try to get an idea but I’ve tried on that beautiful dress in a 12 and it fit me perfect. The tying on thing just did the dress no justice. : (  I was bummed about that BUT it’s all I could do – bummed b/c I wanted to get that experience with them. No other stores in SOFL have a sample of my Maggie dress.  I know it was the one and loved it so I just ordered it from the store that treated me like an A+ princess in Patchogue Long Island : ) They deserve it. Now, what I’ll do since they didn’t get the experience with me… I’ll go back to my store, try on the perfect sample, and they’ll let me take pictures of it on and I’ll send those to my family so they can see the beauty. *sigh*


Another small check – I confirmed with my florist that I’m buying all of Joet’s vases (24 inches), so we’ll be using those. A check is a check! Woot!


I need to get on the ball. JILLY, you too babe!!! I’m going home to order invitations tonight.

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