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To all knotties!

Girls... I haven't been on here much today, a first since I first found this wonderful place. However, I have chatted with some of you today, over the weekend and last week, too. I just realized how blessed I am.  I can't tell you how thankfull I am to have found this place.

Seriously. I am so blessed to have found you girls at a moment when I thought planning this wedding was gonna kill me! lol  You ladies have become more than fellow knotties, you are all fast become dear friends.... some of you even sisters!  lol Scary, huh? lol  I love being able to vent, to give and receive advice, get help.. offer help in return. It's been great to encourage you to do something you wanted to do, get a tip on butterflies for sale, recruit friends to vote for you, find the perfect shower and rehearsal dinner dress and even free stuff to buy!

I don't have a sister of my own and all my friends are back in Miami. You girls, through the power of the internet, have filled a void in my day, my life, my heart and have brought back my sanity. :-)

I so thoroughly enjoy chatting with you all. A sincere THANK YOU to you all. Can't wait to meet you all at the G2G.

(Marian - you better find a way to make it, even if it's for a few mins!)

Re: To all knotties!

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