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Need Help!!

Okay, heres the deal. We don't want a big wedding, nor can we afford it! But with Italian family on both sides, that will be near impossible.So what I was thinking about doing was invite everyone to the wedding and then only close family and friends to the dinner after wards. But i also want everyone to come to the reception party after that! So i don't know how to go about the invitations or anything! Please give me some advice on what to do!!

Re: Need Help!!

  • JKohioJKohio member
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    Instead of a full blown dinner reception, why not do the large wedding followed by a simpler h'ors d'ouvres reception for everyone? Start it later than dinner would normally start so that people know to eat dinner before they arrive. That way, nobody feels slighted at only being invited to part of the celebration. If both families are very traditional, I think this would be a better compromise than limiting dinner to a select few. Alternately, you could do a later, dessert-only (with a few savory snacks to break it up) reception for everyone.
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