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Is it normal?

that all my thoughts all day revolve around the wedding planning? My goodness! Lol.... After thinking so much I am not to sure where to start... Date, guest list, then venue? Sound good? Also, where do I sign up to get info about wedding shows? Thanks in advance girls!
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Re: Is it normal?

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    Totally normal. Guest list FIRST (so you know how big or small to go)! Then have an idea of a date (and a few others too). Then venue shop. We were dead set on March 19th, 2011, then fell in love with a venue. They didn't have that date, but they had the following date, so we moved it to the next day.
    Also, here is a link to some bridal shows coming up. http://south-florida.perfectweddingguide.com/events/bridal-shows/
    I've attended 2 of these and won a hotel package for a weekend. Very helpful/resourceful. Free food. Register online if you do go to this one. Also there is this one: http://www.greatbridalexpo.com/
    Good Luck!!! :)
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    Oh perfect! Thank you!
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    Def normal!! I agree to start with the guest list. When we started going to venues I had said between March and April and after a while decided i wanted April 9th. I was very lucky that the venue i loved had my date. 
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    Perfectly normal!!!
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    It's totally normal! lol you're on a high right now!  I agree with the way michi ordered them. 

    side note:: You may want to create an email address just for wedding stuff. When you go to shows, you end up giving and getting a lot of info, and they will send you lots of random emails. Enter their contests too! There are amazing prizes you can win!
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    Marian, I actually already have a seperate email for wedding vendors only! Did it yesterday before I created my knot account! lol From past experiences of friends getting married, I know how annoying the vendors can be!
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    totally normal!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    yes it is..and it will come and go as you get closer...right now for me its peaking! LOL

    Everything Michelle and the girls have said is right on... the only thing i would add is to try and set a budget..i know its insane to set a budget BEFORE you know what things cost... but it will help to know what you can spend per person when you go negotiate the venue :) GL!!!
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