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mizner country club - reviews?

Mizner Country Club on the Boca/Delray line is our top choice.  Anyone been to weddings there and have any feedback?  How is this food?   Thanks in advance!

Re: mizner country club - reviews?

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    I went to a wedding there about 2 years ago. We really liked it and I remember the food being good. Actually, kinda funny story... During cocktail hour, we both grabbed a hand-passed hors d'oeuvre and it was delicious. I distinctly remember saying something like, "Yum, what was that?" and my FI's response was "Awesome, that's what it was." (it was beef wellington).

    I also remember thinking that the room was really huge, though. We didn't look at it because we're having about 100 people and we thought the room could swallow them all up.
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    LOL that's funny.  Too bad we're red meat vegetarians, I won't be able to try the beef wellington.  But glad to hear the food was "awesome!"   We're estimating about 200 guests, so glad to hear it's a large room to accommodate that many guests.  
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    a knottie just got married there December 11th....I will FB her and have her post her reviews or respond to this post. 
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    thank you so much that would be wonderful
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    HI im the one who got married at mizner cc on 12/11/10!! my review.......
    FOOD was amazing, it was even better then when we had our tasting people still rave about it! the venue was perfect we loved everything about it!! my only recomendation is to get a wedding planner becuase the one they provide or i shoud say the catering manager (Angie) is a little loopy, shes not easyto get a hold of and shes not that helpful. But my wedding planner was amazing and i didnt have to deal with her once i hired her :) they venue is beautiful and well worth every penny we spent!! good luck and HTH!!
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    Went to a bridal show there. It was beautiful!!
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    Lizzy, thanks so much for the info!  Glad to hear your wedding turned out fabulous.  Funny enough 12-11-10, your wedding day, was the day I got engaged!    Such a cool date with the numbers.

    A few follow up questions for you (I tried sending you a private message but couldn't figure out how to do it on here).    What were your main dish selections?  Was your wedding outside?  I want to do it outside in Feb 2012, but concerned about it being too cold.  And what does a wedding planner do?  Did you like yours and if so, what's her name?  Do you still have control over the process with a planner?  And what's a ballpark range of the cost of one?  

    Thanks so much for your help.  And congrats on your marriage!
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        What were your main dish selections? 
    we did the duo plate it was filet mingion and sea bass (AMAZING)

     Was your wedding outside?  
    yes it was, the weather was perfect and they always have a bak up plan incase mother nature comes into play.

    And what does a wedding planner do? 
    They do whatever you need them to do, deal with the venue or answer any questions you may have, they help with all the set up and break down at the wedding she did everything i would have needed to do like pay all the vendors the day of that way i could just enjoy everything and not worry at all.
     Did you like yours and if so, what's her name? 
    Her name is Christine and her company is called Simply Fabulous Events of Florida  (561) 213-0462
     Do you still have control over the process with a planner? 
    I planned my entire wedding she just took all my visions and brought them to life, plus shes like a one stop shop for awesome vendors. She knows a lot of people in the business.

     And what's a ballpark range of the cost of one?   im not gonna quote a price, but a price range i would say 800- 1,000 
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