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April 2012 Weddings

*vent* Argh! What else could go wrong?

First, we had to change our date from April 14th to April 21st because the coordinator at our venue wasn't aware that a major festival had been scheduled in the same area on the weekend of April 14th.  We were able to coordinate with all our vendors and move the date.  Drama resolved.

Then, my parents and I had trouble getting into the hotel where we wanted to stay the night before the wedding, because all the rooms were booked up due to a huge medical convention.  My mother had further trouble making the reservation because the third party site she was able to find rooms through, gave her two rooms for Friday night but although they accepted her booking it turned out they didn't have a room available for her and my father on Saturday night.  She ended up having to spend almost an hour on the phone with various people getting it straightened out, but was able to get a room for me on Friday and a room for her and my father on Friday and Saturday.  Drama resolved.

Now, one of our groomsmen just found out he might have an exam on the day of our wedding (he knows it will be in April but isn't sure of the date and has to find out).  Fiance kept his cool about it and assured me that he already had a backup plan in case this groomsman does need to back out, and he explained the backup plan and it was acceptable to me.  I'd rather not go into details...I'm just venting and I don't want this to become a discussion of what you do in that situation and asking someone to fill in versus having uneven sides, PLEASE!

And still six months to go as of today.  What else could go wrong in that time frame?!

Please cross your fingers for us that the exam turns out to be on another day so my fiance's friend can still stand in the wedding.  At least fiance and I might go back to the stationer to order invitations this weekend, that should be fun :-)
Whoever said it was supposed to be happily ever after is a big fat liar.
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