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Florist to avoid in Cleveland, OH

Soon-to-be brides, I would like to warn you about the florist I hired for my wedding.  She was great to work with prior to my big day, but the day of I would have fired her on the spot if I could have.  Pat's Flowers on the Square was the name of the florist shop.  Pat was very excited to work with me and had some great ideas when planning for my wedding.  My bridesmaids and I were very irritated with her.  She told me several times that she had another wedding later that day, um isn't it about me?  She was delivering my wedding flowers to me!  She mentioned more than once that before she could leave she needed a picture of me in my dress with my bouqet.  She then told me she needed to leave, because of this other wedding, before the groom and groomsmen showed up.  My now husband was a bit irritated that she did not stay long enough to pin the boutiners on.  As if she didn't irritate me enough, after she left she actually called my cell phone to tell me she forgot her vases at the church and wanted someone to gather them for her and she'll get them from me another time.  Now I only answered the phone because the main route to get to the church was closed and I thought it was someone needing directions.  Nope, it was my florist asking me to do her a favor on my wedding day.  The professional thing to do would have been to drive back and pick them up herself - not call the bride and hour before she gets married, right?  I would just like to share this one issue I had on my wedding day for anyone who may be thinking of using them, it's not worth the frustration.

Re: Florist to avoid in Cleveland, OH

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    Thank you so much for posting that ....we brides have enough on our plates...and any help with vendors good or bad is greatly appreciated
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