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Tricky Invitation Situation

Hey All,

I have tricky situation with a couple that is invited to my wedding. I just found out my friends are seperating because of one spouses infidelity. Both were sent the save the dates months ago and next week I need to send out the invitations. Should I just invite one? or should I just address it to both and let them decide? I don't want to make anything worse for them. They aren't divorcing at the moment and they do still live together with their children. What do you think?

Re: Tricky Invitation Situation

  • I'd address it to Mr. and Mrs. _____________ and let them figure it out. 

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  • Gotta agree with Faith on that one... 
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  • If they are separating, they are not divorcing; so, address the invite as Mr. and Mrs.

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  • That happened to me too and I still sent to both.  Crazy enough, they are both coming with their kids!

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  • I agree with the others and would let them figure it out.  After all, how awkward would it be if you invite one and not the other....and they end up not getting a divorce. 
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  • i have a similar situation, except mine are already separated.  im way closer to her, but ive actually known him longer. and their kid is in my wedding party. so ive decided im inviting both. they are on good terms so im hoping it will be ok.
    just not sure what to do about seating chart!?!
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    I'd absolutely just invite them together. Let them figure out their family situation... It will probably cause less drama to let them decide how to handle it. GL :)
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