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How soon is too soon?

I've been reading through the boards and depending on where you're at some suggest starting to plan sooner rather then later, whereas others could get away with last min.  I was wondering when y'all started planning and what would you have done differently?  I know I'm two years out but I have the church and reception booked.  If the reception place doesn't work out I know I'll have enough time to find something else but it should. 
I wasn't going to pick anything up again until March of 2011. However, I'm planning from Columbus and don't have the ability to meet with vendors through out the week. I'm treating this like a destination wedding almost... I'm just looking for a little direction =)

Re: How soon is too soon?

  • JKohioJKohio member
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    Part of it depends on what time of year your wedding will be. Ours was end of April and we really started putting the whole thing together the previous September, when we got engaged, so... 7 months all together, but we were pretty flexible about vendors. Actually, I wouldn't have changed it a bit. We considered a summer wedding, but decided we didn't want to slog through a bunch of vendor meetings during summer when we wanted to be outside having fun instead, LOL. Fall/winter was better for that, we thought. Also, I'm glad we didn't have tons of time to plan, because I probably would have procrastinated anyway. LOL. If you do plan too early, IMO you start second-guessing yourself and that's no fun. Our wedding was in the Cleveland area, so I can't speak to distance planning.

    For a summer wedding, 7 months probably wouldn't be enough time unless you were SUPER flexible. If you have specific vendors in mind, their availability will be a factor, too. Some may book up quickly.
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  • kmbeyerkmbeyer member
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    Hey, I was completely criticized for planning two years out but it made things so much more stress free and I apparently scored some great prices because I booked early.  I say do it if it makes you feel comfortable and more in control.  I've been planning from Florida for the past year and 9 months.  :)  Best of luck!
  • jaylii9jaylii9 member
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    In my opinion long engagements are good and bad. When FI and I get married this summer we will have been engaged for 18 months.

    On the plus side we got all of our big vendors booked early and with five months to go I am not stressed.

    On the down side a long engagement is getting to me. I have gone through several planning spurts and breaks. I say pace yourself because it's gonna be a long engagement!

    I would research and book your big vendors as soon as possible. I have found that more and more vendors are being booked early!
  • K ByteK Byte member
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    The good vendors do book up early, especially for reception site/venue and photographers. However since you're getting married in April of 2012 and not, like, June-July of 2012, I think you will be ok if you wait a bit if you don't want to start planning immediately (April is a bit less popular around here just because the weather can still be dicey at that time of year). Or you could start planning immediately if you want!

    FWIW we'll be engaged 13 months by the wedding day. We picked a popular date (July 10, 2010) and still got most of our 1st choice vendors but we did run into a few that were already booked, and we did have to make a lot of quick decisions without a lot of time to dilly dally around and be indecisive. We booked our photographer immediately upon meeting with them and sent in the deposit for the reception site I think 5 days after we first visited, and got everything going at the church immediately too. Those were the big ones, but videographer, florist, cake, etc. we were able to wait a bit. Most florists and bakeries can do more than 1 wedding in the same day, and videographers don't book up quite as fast as photographers since not everyone hires a professional.
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    I say don't worry about what others are thinking of what you are doing! I agree with the previous comment that it seems as if it will aleviate some of your stress then by all means proceed. Do what works for you and your fiance!
  • mamboqueenmamboqueen member
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    Definitely not too soon for venue, church, photo, band, video
    Possibly too soon for the rest
  • leoraannaleoraanna member
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    I agree with mamboqueen. Especially because you want to make sure that you are on their list and aren't going to be blocked out of your date. The rest might be a bit too soon. Especially things like favords, dress, etc. because who knows how things will go with the wedding colors, theme, your size, style, etc. between now and then.

    I got engaged in December and we decided on getting married the next November so we only had 11 months to plan. We got the venue, photographer, band, DJ, florist, and bakery set first. I already ordered my gown and some things for the ceremony, but even now with just 7 months to go, I am worried that I am rushing things for everything else. I just figure if I do a little every week or so, it will be all done before I know it.
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    im getting married in june 2012 in louisville oh but im living and going to school in pittsburgh i have started planing i put about an hour or to in every night that i can although im wierd and find it relaxing to look at pictures it eases my mind. so if you want to start planing now go for it! your special day will be here before you know it and it gives you more time to DIY if you want (almost my whole wedding is diy). this process is fun so get the most out of it you can! 
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