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Final Vendor Review *Photog*

This was the hardest thing for me to book. I booked and fired 3 photogs and finally settled on Crystal Fielding for E-pics, my RD, and Wedding. My grade for her is B++.
The only reason she is getting a B is because my contract said I would have my pics in 8-10 weeks and I just recieved them last week almost 4 months after my wedding. This upset me because she knew I wanted to do parent albums for Christmas but now it is too late. It wound up costing us a bunch of money since we had to do other xmas presents and now the parent albums will be for no reason which is extra money. I felt like we shouldve gotten money back and she made no attempt to do that.
Ok now for the good, my pics are incredible!! For those of you on FB, you can see a lot of the pics that she sent me. One thing that I wanted was a second photog and she brought Jim Greene (for those of you looking for a good photog, check him out..http://www.jgreenephotography.com/.) He became a rock star at our wedding. Overall, I would recommend both of them and I was very happy with them.

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