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Drinks served-Alcohol

We are on a tight budget, and with 200 guests, we figure 100-125 will drink alcohol.  We rented a hall, but have hired separate caterer, and need to provide our own liquor.  We are getting 2 beer kegs, and I just need to decide how much wine and liquor to buy.  Also, do I have to serve top shelf?  We can get some cheaper brand vodka, whisky, tequila through the hall.

Do you think it would be better to just pick a drink or 2 that we can serve top shelf liquor?   AKA..signature drinks?

Re: Drinks served-Alcohol

  • SarahM2012SarahM2012 member
    edited December 2011
    I found this on Real Simple and thought it might be helpful. Its how much to get for x amount of ppl.  They also have the chart in their Real Simple weddings mag that is out now. 


    You dont have to serve top shelf most of the weddings I have been to do. You can look at cartering packages to get a feel for whats low (well), mid and top.  You might also look into getting your wine by the case because you get a dicount.  If you are down in boardman Vintage Wine and Estates has a great selection and I think they let you mix and match your cases.  They are super helpful and fairly priced.  If not look around locally usually and see if they are willing to work with you, usually they are.
  • JKohioJKohio member
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    Serve what you like. No, you don't have to serve top shelf stuff. Heck, you don't even have to serve liquor. We were on a budget and only served beer and wine, but we did go with slightly 'better' brands just cuz that's what we like. We bought our beer and wine thru Heinen's. Their staff was very helpful, especially for the wines. We already knew we primarily wanted Great Lakes Brewing Co. beers. Instead of a keg, we did bottles. We knew we'd have leftovers and leftover keg beer is pretty much worthless. At least the leftover bottles we were able to keep for future parties and gave some to family to take home. The only downside to buying thru Heinen's was that they didn't deliver, but we borrowed a friend who had a pickup truck. He helped us get our beverages to the hall.

    Definitely buy your wine by the case. Any wine retailer in Ohio will give you 10% off for doing so, and you can always mix & match within a case, no matter where you buy.

    FWIW, we planned for 150 drinkers (had 175 guests, but some were kids) and spent a grand total of around $1k on beer and wine, including sparkling juice for the toast. If you are doing a special toast, figure on one bottle per table and don't forget everyone at the head table in your count!

    In figuring your wine, it's always good to have a white, a red and a rose (for the folks who may prefer sweeter wines and don't normally drink wine unless it's a special occasion) on hand. We served chardonnay & pinot grigio (both white), merlot (red) and white zinfandel (rose) on our 'menu'.

    Southland Beverage in Middleburg Hts. carries all kinds of wines, beers & liquor if you are looking for 'one stop shopping'. Also, Minotti's is supposed to be good, but I've never been. They are also in the Cleveland area.
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