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Wedding sites for an out of state bride

Hey All,

I'm thinking of having my wedding in FLA ( im from PA). Can any one suggest some nice afforadable wedding sites, probably around the Tampa/Longboat key Area.
 I want to get married on the beach but it doesnt have to be at the hotel we are staying at if it will be too expensive.

We are thinking around 25 guests max and a total budget of the wedding around 10k. Help would be greatly appreciated since Im not from the area!


Re: Wedding sites for an out of state bride

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    twinkle82576twinkle82576 member
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    Hi. You should post this on the Central Florida board, since this board is for South Florida, most of the brides on here won't have much info. for you. GL!
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    I am a destination bride as well, with the same amount of guests and budget.  We are getting married at the Grove Isle, which is in Miami.  I know it's not the area you specified, but thought I would throw it out there :)

    happy planning!
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    melanie561melanie561 member
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    They are in South Florida though:)
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