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I have been lucky enough to get ideas from this site, so I wanted to share my experiences with my vendors in case it's helpful to anyone else. We did our wedding on a fairly tight budget, and I feel like a got a ton of value for what we paid.  We had our wedding at The Chart House in Coconut Grove.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  The coordinator, Janis Morris, is incredibly easy to work with, the food was excellent, and the setting is gorgeous.  There are spaces for a smaller group or a medium to large group.  Because we held the wedding on a Sat. afternoon, we had the entire restaurant to ourselves.  It was great.

Florist:  Love love love Trias Flowers in Coral Gables.  Hortensia Trias was very sensitive to my budget, but the flower arrangements were high quality and beautiful.  They even threw in extra flowers for the table setting that I didn't even ask for. 

DJ:  Liquid DJs -- we had Shannon Powell, the owner.  He was very easy to work with and so hard working.  He had a great sense of the crowd, and in addition to playing music, he was great in keeping things moving and running on time.  We loved him.

Cake:  Ana Paz in Coral Gables.  She did exactly what we wanted, it was beautiful, and the guests raved about how good it was.

Officiant:  Debbi Ballard, mypersonalcantor.com.  If anyone is looking for an interfaith officiant (Jewish/Christian), please give Debbi a call.  She was wonderful, and it's not easy to find a good interfaith officiant.  We feel like she's now a part of our family.

On a less positive note, I will also say that I had interviewed florist Gil Sosa.  We spent an hour talking to him and were seriously considering hiring him, but then after our first meeting, I tried to reach him at least 3 times, and he never returned my calls or emails.  He seemed very knowledgeable, but he strikes me as really unprofessional and flaky.  Just a warning to others. 

Good luck to all the future brides!

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