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suit color with ivory dress?

My fiancé and I can't decide what color suit would be best. We're torn between black or tan. We think black is more formal and tan more for outdoors. We're having a daytime indoor wedding with a pretty casual reception, not too formal. My dress is ivory with champagne details. I feel the tan would look much softer together and better for photos, but is that too casual for a church? Opinions please?

Re: suit color with ivory dress?

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    I'm a huge fan of tan suits and think they'd be perfect for your day based on what you've described!

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    My dress is an ivory and my fiance is wearing a tan suit with an ivory shirt. Our wedding is outdoors in March. I'm not sure what month you're getting married but I think a tan suit is perfectly fine to wear to a church wedding, especially if its between March - September. I think a black suit for my wedding would be too formal and too stuffy for our atmosphere.
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    Our wedding is in May. I'm leaning towards tan and fiancé is open to any color. Thanks for your opinions and reassurance!
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    Definitely tan!

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