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Does THIS qualify me for Crazy? lol

So I decided to tackle a wedding task that speaks to me which is Music. I am a music FREAK and I've been slowly compiling a list of songs for our musicians to play at cocktail hour and also for the DJ b/c I want to control EVERY SINGLE song that is played without question. Yeah, I'm a freak but ask any friend of mine, they will say that my whole life I have made mixes for people, and am always dj-ing at parties etc...

Anyways... so I couldn't just give the guitarist a LIST of songs to play. I actually had to MAKE HIM A CD so he knew the EXACT VERSIONS of each song I want played. Is that going overboard??

I emailed him about it and I have to say that sitting here listening to music while drinking wine has made me smile (even if my smile is all black from the red wine) and I'm feeling better!!!

So here it is, not that you guys care:

Hi Scott,

I just burned the CD for you and will have it in the mail for you tomorrow.

Here is what is on it in order:


1. Inlaw Josie Wales - Trey Anastasio (To be played during Processional)
2. La Vie En Rose - Louis Armstrong  (To be played when I walk down the aisle -Not this Version, but rather the version I will mention below)
3. Little Martha  - Allman Brothers (For the Recessional - would like it played slow like the original version)

For the Cocktail Hour
: (in no particular order but we'd love to have all of these songs)

4.Blackbird - The Beatles
5.Deacon Blue - Steely Dan
6. Friend of the Devil - Grateful Dead
7. Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zepplin
8. Solitary Man - Johnny Cash (something more like this version than the Neil Diamond version)
9. El Paso - Marty Robbins
10. Pink Moon - Nick Drake
11. Each Coming Night - Iron and Wine (would LOVE it if you could learn this one!)
12. Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
13. Volare - Gipsy Kings
14. The Man who sold the world - Nirvana (Some kind of a cross between this and the Bowie version but acoustic would be sweet)
15. Melissa - Allman Brothers (should be easy to learn if you don't already know it, I can play part of it lol)
16. Redemption Song - Bob Marley (Gotta have some Bob in there)
17. Any Major Dude will tell you - Wilco (this is the Wilco Cover but somewhere between this and the Steely Dan version works)
18. Across the Universe - Beatles
19. Here comes the sun - Richie  Havens (Love this version)
20. Overkill - Acoustic - Colin Hay (Amazing if you could play this!)

As for the version of La Vie En Rose, I am particularly fond of this version here:


I also assume you will be set up to start playing a bit before the guest start arriving so say around 4pm? You guys can play anything during that time and it's totally fine with me, but for the cocktail hour, the above would be IDEAL!!!

Please let me know if you think you can do this and if there are any you think you can't do please let me nkow that as well!

Looking forward to everything!

Thanks so much!


Re: Does THIS qualify me for Crazy? lol

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    Ummmmm. I have no words for Jaime.... I have heard it all!!!!!!!!!!
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    Lacey36Lacey36 member
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    Oh no girl YOU ARE SOO CRAZY.......

    HAHA J/K we care about what you say. I think that is perfectly fine. You are letting him know what you want and what you like. Its your day and you want it to be perfect!! =)
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    I wish I had the patience to create a playlist like that.  Are you for hire Jaime?  LOL
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    I envy you!

    I totally wish I cared this much and put this much thought into things. You're really going to enjoy your day more than most I think because of these little things.

    If music is your thing, you should have some damn good music that you enjoy!

    I don't think you're crazy, I think you're passionate :)
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    Really Kaila? Am I being a zilla for wanting to control the music to this extent?

    Matt and I are MUSIC Freaks. We bonded over music. I am obsessed with music and want to hear these songs (even though Amy insisted I won't even notice what's being played! Lol)
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    I dont think you are crazy, but like my boss tells me you are "special breed of person"!!!!!
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    awww Kaila, BE NICE!

    Ok fine, I am "Special"

    If you've met me, you'd know this... lol

    What's funny is that 95% of my guests won't know WHAT they are hearing... it's all for ME AND MATT

    I also have a HUGE list for Jorge at Visions where I actually tell him WHAT SECOND to start the songs and end them... which songs to skip the intro, where to mix... yeah, I'm out of control.

    But It's one of the few details I get excited about!

    I just hope it sounds good when they play this stuff!
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    Not that you care but here's my list so far for the DJ (please note some of these songs are for friends and family, i.e. Ace of Base lmao! my mother LOVES that song!)

    Entrance Songs:


    Bridal Party:

    Bride and Groom: So here we are - Bloc Party ??



    First Dances:


    Bride and Groom: First Day of My life


    Father Daughter /Mother Son: IN my life - The Beatles



    Dancing Songs:

    Let’s Go Crazy – Prince (no intro)

    Don’t Stop Til you Get enough  - Michael Jackson

    Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

    It’s my life – No Doubt

    Bust a Move – Young MC

    Run – Gnarls Barkley

    Feel Good Inc. – Gorillaz

    Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand ?

    Mover your feet – Junior Senior

    Don’t Leave me this way – Thelma Houston

    Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

    Jump Jive and Wail – Brian Setzer

    Play that funky music – Wild Cherry

    One more time – Daft Punk

    Music Sounds Better – Daft Punk (maybe a mix of these two together?)

    Apple Bottom Jeans – Florida

    Beggin – Macdon

    Money Money Money – Abba

    It’s a Beautiful Life  - Ace of Base

    Suicide Blonde – INXS

    Shout – Isley Brothers

    Runaround Sue - Dion

    We are family – Sister Sledge

    Electric Avenue – Eddie Grant

    Touch me I’m going to scream part 2 – My morning jacket

    Love Shack – B52s

    Shake that thing – Sean Paul

    I gotta feeling – Black Eyed Peas

    Banquet – Block Party (?)

    You spin me right round – Dead Or Alive

    Go – Tones on Tail (?)

    I'd Rather Dance with you  - Kings of Convenience

    Heads will roll  - Yeah Yeah Yeahs




    Dinner Service:


    The best is yet to come – Frank Sinatra / Michael Buble

    I get a kick out of you- Jamie Cullum

    One Fine day – David Byrne

    Sleepwalk – Santo and Johnny

    Each Coming Night- Iron and Wine

    Where do you go to my lovely – Peter Sarsdedt (?)

    Weird Fishes  - Apreggi – Radiohead

    Somewhere over the rainbow – Israel kama…

    Just like Starting Over – John Lennon



    Cake Service:

    Love gets sweeter – Finley Quaye


    Bouquet Toss :


    Single Ladies - Beyonce

    Second Slow Dance:


    Hysteric – ACOUSTIC – Yeah Yeah Yeahs


    Last Dance:



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    bluebookbluebook member
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    I don't think you're crazy .. this is totally reasonable. more on the crazy spectrum would be if he said that he didn't know how to play a bunch of these songs and you made him learn them all :)

    Good for you for tackling a task!
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    Hell Jaime, my boss tells me that about myself, so I am special right along with you!!! Its okay to be organized as oppose to unorganize, and no one dances at your wedding. So good for you, for knowing what you want and dont want and when you want. BTW your mom and ACE of Base,  Lux has to get pics of her on the dance floor!
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    Good Point Dalie. I wouldn't expect him to learn them all, that's why I HIRED him... b/c he said he knew how to play more than half of them so there are probably 6 or 7 songs he'd have to learn which he said he would.

    He actually  (in order to get my business) went out and learned Little Martha (the recessional song choice) and called me on the phone and left a voicemail playing it and I was SOLD! lol.

    If he can't do ALL of them that's fine but if out of the th 20 songs he can do 14 or 15 I'll be happy!
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    Oh yeah, my moms fav song is that one and Money, Money, Money by Abba. It's so funny. My parents dancing is nothing shore of Comedic Genius.

    Then again. so is ME and Matt dancing! lol
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    Wait, doing this isn't normal?

    ... I am not even kidding.

    Kaila, I think it takes a music freak to get this, lol. To Jaime & Matt it's important, since they bonded over music, like she said. I really don't see anything weird about this, but it could be just my own music freakiness.

    Jaime, I love your choices, especially Beatles, Iron & Wine and the La Vie en Rose version is beautiful.
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    Omg!!!!!! I love it!! I love your father/daughter dance...ahhhhh!!
    I loveeeeeeeee La Vie En Rose!! And your last name is ....wait for it....Rose!!!! Ahhh!!
    I walked down the aisle to Something...sigh...f'n lovvvvvvvvvve the beatles!!
    Can you do me favor? Can you just have them play Cheap Trick's I want you to want me around 10:30? I won't be there, but at around 10:29:59 I will start jamming out as if I was!! lmao!

    One piece of advice though...give the DJ some wiggle room. Just cause I made the mistake of picking too many songs, and he felt pressure to stick to them even if they cleared the dance floor. So, I went up to him and told him that if my list isn't working, for him just to judge the crowd, and see what people were feeling, you know? Just something to think about...
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    Ursula, you did NOT walk to down the aisle to "Something". Shut UP. I heart you even more.

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    Jaime, I totally understand you. I'm also a music freak and my FI is a part-time DJ so you can imagine how important it is for us to get this part of the wedding right. That's why we booked our DJ before other vendors, lol : ) With that said, I still think it might be a good idea to give your musicians/DJ a little bit of freedom, so that they can adapt musically to the audience at your wedding. You can do that of course if you trust your musicians to make right choices. Your vendors seem to be great though, so I won't worry about it too much.
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    Ursula, Something is one of Matt's Favorite Beatles songs if not his #1 favorite and he is the bigggest Beatles fan I have ever known. Like Over the top fan!!!

    That song is off the charts....

    I agree about giving the DJ SOME wiggle room. I keep worrying that our list is tailored TOO much to us... Matt keeps saying people will dance to anything and I keep saying NOT TRUE. People GET UP out of their chairs when they hear a song they love...

    Like I fought him hard for Apple Bottom Jeans and I've got a feeling b/c he said he hates them but I like them and they are crowd pleasers... but he keeps going for stuff that HE loves that HE would dance too, but if there's too much of that I fear we'll be alone on the dance floor. It's hard to find a balance.

    And I want to please the older crowd too! I hope we don't make a mistake picking too much obscure stuff. i.e. today he said he wants that Yeah Yeah Yeahs song heads will roll which I LOVE but I assured him NO ONE will know it and may not want to dance to it and he doesn't get it. He's like yes they will, I'm all NO THEY WON'T!!! Oy...
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    Omg... i love you soooooo much and you and Matty need to come over lickety split and play Beatles Rock band. We are obsesseddddddd!!! In fact, we used beatles lyrics mixed with our engagement pics for our guest book. I sent you the blurb link so you can check it out!

    Seriously, between Beatles & Star Wars, Eddie and Matt will have a field day together...lol!
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    I've always thought that you and Eddie reminded me of  me and Matt. We really need to all get together. So much alike! I'm down anytime!!

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    perfect. I'm going to copy your exact music, hahahahah. i love it.
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    zobo410zobo410 member
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    Jaime having the list probably helps them. Especially your musician. I know a lot of times the djs are playing off of pre-made mixes already.

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    murrc2murrc2 member
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    You are sooo not crazy!  Chris and I started the music listy tonight and our ceremony song list for the DJ is for example from 44 sec-116 sec, very specific!

    Single ladies for bouquet for me too!
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    murrc2murrc2 member
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    No, you're not crazy, we are down to seconds on our songs for the Dj...

    Single ladies for me too!
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