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Hi Everyone! Need help with planning an Intimate Wedding...

Hi everyone, I have been on The Knot for over a year, but just got engaged 2 months ago. At first I started planning a decent size wedding (100 people), and after much thinking and also coming to realization that we cant afford one, I am now going ahead and trying to plan a small(intimate)wedding. The only problem is: I dont know where to start. Im planning on having 15-20 guests, and will be anywhere from Miami to Boca. Im going for an intimate, romantic vibe.

So if any of you Knotties out there have any suggestions, ideas, or tips I would really appreciate it :-)

Re: Hi Everyone! Need help with planning an Intimate Wedding...

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    Perricones in Mary Brickell Village is nice. I went to a small wedding there a few years back. Also Ana Capri in the Gables, is nice.
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    I second Perricones, it's a great little spot for a small wedding with a romantic vibe.
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    Rosy - Your wedding is in Nov. of next year? That's fairly a "good weather" time. Well... like now..  :-) 

    If you are looking for something outdoors, maybe a rooftop wedding??  You didn't mention a budget exactly, so here goes...

    Matheson Hammock/Red Fish Grill?


    Miami Beach Botanical Gardens is very nice and can work very well for small weddings.

    Also Schnebly Winery as an area perfect for small wedding receptions and the ceremony area is VERY pretty and romantic.

    The Lighthouse on Bill Baggs State park is a neat area, too.


    You may want to look into Villa Woodbine, Koubek Mansion, Zen House and possibly The Links Grill at Crandon Golf Club.

    For some of these  you may want to check out Fetes and Events (the Zen House is exclusive use to them)

    Congrats and GL!


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    We are also having a small wedding at the Addison in Boca.  
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    Thank-you so much ladies for your suggestions...I really do appreciate it.
    Well, my wedding was originally in November because I needed enough time to try to save money for it, but now were thinking of something smaller, were thinking about pushing it up to May(not too sure, exact date). After really thinking about it, it may be up to 30 guests, nothing more..and our budget is now $3,500.00 for everything (except honeymoon)---Originally $14,000 for everything except honeymoon, for 100. We decided to make this drastic change because we want to buy a house, and dont want to spend every little penny we have on our wedding..since we are not getting any help also.

    I will look at all your suggestions, and will let you ladies know how it goes.
    Once again, thank-you!

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    thats my budget too and im having 30-40 guest (inviting 40 but hopefully it will be 30 lol)...im doing it in Miami outside at the Chart House at the coconut grove...but there are alot of options..u can look at the hard rock at bayside and i also suggest the rusty pelican...all have packages that work,...mines is a day event cause its the only way to get a place for a small event at a decent price...but it is really what i wanted anyways...if u want more suggestion email me evelynandmanny@gmail.com  :) HTH
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