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    oh geez! LOL
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    My cousin is is NO celebrity, actually she doesnt even have a job!!! registered for the most ridiculous things. The most inexpensive item on her registry was a $400.00 robe!!!! she also had a plasma big screen tv, $1k luggage and freaking wave runner!!! needless to say i didnt get her ANYTHING!!!!!!! it made me so mad that she would do something like that.
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    omg a wave runner!! haha thats weird my family would kill me if i registered for that. and i would be deathly afraid of using a $400 robe!! what happens when you have to wash it and accidently spill bleach on it!!!! id die!!! lol
    i think the most expensive thing on my registry is 1000 thread count egyptian cotton sheets that are $250.. lol im obsessed with sheets. and china lol my china is on sale though LOL from $320 to $150 so i dont feel too bad :)
    id rather put less expensive things cause then you get more stuff, the higher the price tag the less presents lol
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