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Let it out before the weekend and before the new year!! Anything bottled up for months?? Now is the time to let it alllll out!!
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    aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! wow yea that feels better! lol..... WTF SIL i love my girls and i love my sil (brothers wife) but I gave them an extra week to buy their dress because of xmas and she asked me if she could wait to this week and she left 2 days ago to canada for new years and never bothered to tell me she had not bought the dress ....so yesterday after talking to davids bridal i hunt her down and ask her her size and shoe size so one of the other girls who is doing me the favor of going to  davids could just order her dresss and she could pay her back and she said "i dont know ask the people there" and that was it...im like you dont know ur shoe size??? anyways i had my mom call her and they got her shoes size and dress size... i am really hurt about this! sorry really needed to vent! because for her wedding i did so much and all i ask for is for one small thing to get her dress in time because by now the delivery date is feb 25 and it is really pushing it if they need to fix anything (which it was really long on her when she tried it on) ...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! OK really no im better now! :)
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    Evelyn - go get them girl! sorry that happened :(

    WTF FRIENDS... Why do you have to be so fake? Why do you keep asking me stupid questions!! Stop being Jealous of other friendships, yes i can have more than one friend!

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    Aw Evelyn , i know what you mean. I was so worried about my bm dresses too. And the worst part is that my MOH, my own sister was the last one to order, thankfully she was smart and put a rush on the order (only $15 more), but i know how nerve racking it can get.  Specially because my bridesmaid know that when i give them a task, that last thing i expect is for ME to worry about it. I chose them for a reason, lol. dont worry, it will all work out ;)

    Any who...my WTF Friday is all over the place.....I am happy because i have set a lot of my needed appointments, but just as i start to feel good about it, i realize that there is still a never ending list...........AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  there is so much left to do. I still need my undergarment, my shoes, our Rolls Royce, ribbons, hooks, printing envelopes, ughhhhhhhh, i swear it never ends!  
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    My biggest and only vent right now is about FMIL. During this whole wedding process, she's been acting like she doesn't care about anything. Well... she wants to be included in everything and when she comes along to things, she sits on her phone and doesn't pay attention. WTF??? That's sooooooooooo rude!!!!! I was complaining to my mom last night about it and she told me to just not let it bother me. Well... sorry, I can't! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Here's hoping that NEXT YEAR this woman gets a f*cking clue!
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    WTF?!?!?! It's Friday?!?!?! Man I'm lost. I have really lost all sense of time. This year flew!!! I remember when New Years was a big deal, but now its like any other day to me, especially when I'm working it...

    WTF Money, you were being so good to me up until the holidays!!!!
    WTF Room, no matter what I do, you're never clean!!!!
    WTF ME!!! Get your act together so you can loose the weight and get into the school of your choice!
    WTF FMIL, FI needs a fulltime job, stop getting on his case about this job he is getting!!! We need the money!
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    WTF cold!!!! Please go away and soon. I hate, hate, hate being sick. :-(
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    WTF winter break. It was the shortest 2 weeks I've had off of work! I was sick for one week and got some things done the second week. Where did my winter break from school go!!!!!!!

    WTF Invitations. Can't you print and be mailed on your own? I have NO motivation!

    WTF time. I have 79 days. Really? 79? ONLY 79?
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