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NWR: vibes appreciated

my dearest animal lovers,

i need your vibes in a baaaaad way.  fi and i spent 3 hours at the vet today with my 15 year old cockapoo (the one in my siggy pic) having tests run on what appears to be a GINORMOUS tumor on his back.  this thing came out of nowhere, and grew to the size of baseball in a matter of 3 days (kinda huge on a 15lb dog).  prognosis is not looking so hot, and regardless of the outcome, i promised myself at his last surgery (at age 12) that i wouldn't put him under again- his poor little puppy body just can't handle it.  soooo, test results will be back from the lab tomorrow, and i will have a definitive answer.  it just seems that, no matter how much i've prepared myself for his "time", i just can't bear to see him go.  he has been the one constant in my life for the past 10 years (i rescued him when he was 5), i love him and spoil him rotten as if he were my child, and my heart is just broken :( i ask for a little of your sunshine to be sent this way. 
thank you.

hollie <3
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