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Attire help...

There will be 3 groomsmen. One of my brother's will be a groomsmen. He asked if he could wear a paisley bow tie, although the other guys will be wearing regular ties. He already found a tie that would match the bridesmaid marine blue (Alfred Angelo) dress color. Would you say yes? I think he is more into this than I and my FI are...lol

Re: Attire help...

  • It is up to you and your fiance. Honestly do you want to look at pictures in the future and look at everyone being uniform and then see paisley random out of no where? Personally, unless everyone else wears the tie, I would say no.
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  • Personally, I would opt for all the groomsmen to be uniformed. I think the groom should be the one with a different look if he so desires. Like the PP stated its up to you and your FI.
  • What about a paisley tie instead of a bowtie? I've seen some pictures where all of the men have different patterns and I personally like that look a lot. But I say go with your gut! It's your wedding and your pics 

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