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I just sent in my application for Grad school!!!! I graduate this summer and I'm hoping I do well enough on the gmat to get in for the Fall Masters program!!!!


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    YAY!!!! good luck!!!! fingers crossed!
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    Good luck!!! I went to grad school right after I graduated from undergrad and I'm thankful I didn't wait. Best wishes :)
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    NICE!!! GL!!!!

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    Congrats!! Where are you going to study?
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    So exciting!! What are you getting your Masters in?

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    Good Luck, what schools did you apply to?


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    Good Luck!!
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    Awesome, good luck!
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    Congrats!! and good luck!!
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    That's awesome - Good Luck :)
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    Woo Hoo!  Good luck!
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    Thank you!!! I had been putting off applying for a couple months now.

    I'm currently at FAU but my class is online which works soo much better with my work schedule. The last class I need to graduate this summer is being offered online too so I'm really hoping I can grab it before its gone lol

    I only applied to FAU for the Masters program. I'm considering applying to FIU but I hate Miami (no offense to any one in Miami I just never have good driving experiences there)

    Oh my current major is Accounting so I'm sticking with Masters of Accounting, I have considered Forensic Accounting but my Tax 1 professor was working on his thesis when I took him and he scarred me from it lol
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    Good luck!!!!
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