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Any Saving Tips???

Hi Ladies, 

Please share any saving tips you were able to get with your vendors? 

I am getting quotes from several companies, but they all seem to be at the same price point. Woould love to know any way you were able to get your price down. 

Re: Any Saving Tips???

  • Be open and honest and upfront about your budget expectations. Most times, it works (like for florists/music/photos/venues). But it's best to let them know what you can afford and looking to spend. Case in point, when first speaking with my florist, I told her I needed to stick near a certain range, and she came back only a couple of dollars over which wasn't so bad. One time, I told a photographer that I wanted to stick to under 1k for photography. She told me that was highly unlikely in south florida. So I moved on to the next, and worked with someone who was willing and able to accomodate my budget. 

    You just have to be honest and upfront about what you can spend. 

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  • We negotiated with a few of our vendors to get their prices closer or under our budget. Also, if your wedding is on a Friday or Sunday then you can use it to your advantage because most companies have few bookings for those days. What are you trying to specifically trying to get the price down for what items?
  • Think outside of the box. We did our whole wedding for under 5000. We only had beer and wine paid for and kept liquor as cash bar only which saved a ton. Publix was great pricing on cake and H'orderves and they delivered for a flat fee! For food at the reception we went buffet style with a local pizza delivery place that cooked up huge trays of chicken parm, eggplant parm, chicken Alfredo, ziti, stuffed shells, garlic bread, and two full trays of Italian salad all for less than 5 bucks per person. Really just keep looking be honest with each vendor and get creative!
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