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pay full price for your dress? I just got an email that they are offering 11% off the dress I love because its almost the new year. Do you think that is a good deal? Or will there be bigger deals to be had in the coming 2 months?

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    I bought a preloved dress, so I paid a lot less than new.  (Half) 

    To price compare, check out companies online and also Pearl's Place or RK Bridal (RK will match any written quote and take 5% off)

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    I think I got 12% off my dress in the beginning.. and after I paid for it they told me it was discontinued. So I picked another dress at twice the price, however, they honored the first price.. so I basically got 50% off.

    If you're able to pay for your dress in full, I would ask for a bigger discount. Typically all they'll give you is 12% though.
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    I just bought my POB dress with their 15% off sale and also got another 5% off bc I opened the Credit Card. I did'nt try to negotiate at all so I do not know if most stores do that
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    I got 10% off my dress when I ordered it on black Friday.
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    Thanks ladies! I just got back from one more bridal store, I had one more dress to try on and now i'm confused! I love 2 dresses! 
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    I would definitely try to negotiate. I had found my dress for $1600, but told them that was too much and another vendor was selling for $1400 so they lowered the price, I then found another vendor in Dallas and was able to bring it down to $1140 :) so I would say to negotiate some more. They never give you the best price first hand. Also try RK Bridal and Pearls place. they are reliable and competitively priced. :)
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