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Mantilla for Catholic Ceremony

Hi Girls!

Does anyone know where I can buy a lace ivory mantilla to put over my groom's and my head during our ceremony?  Or is anyone selling their mantilla. Thanks!!!

Re: Mantilla for Catholic Ceremony

  • Finding a mantilla for our Spain-inspired wedding for the ceremony was a pain in the butt!!! When I was looking at the option of buying one I found out that it can somewhat expensive. You can find some beautiful lace at Rex Fabrics but expect it to be expensive ($300+). However, there is another store which was recommended by many...La Casa de las Viejas, it's close to the Seybold building in Downtown. They have many options and it's much more affordable than Rex Fabrics. Also, you can try Etsy...I have seen very nice ones there as well. 

    I'm very grateful and lucky that my godmother has a mantilla that was used at her son's wedding. The mantilla was purchased in Spain and she added delicate beading...it's so lovely!

  • Mantillas are super expensive!!!

    I ended up finding a beautiful lace and having a seamstress add borders at both ends in order to get rid of the jagged edges. This was an option given to me by a friend since all the Mantillas I found were $250+
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  • Omg thanks for the tips ladies! I've actually been on the hunt for a Mnatilla too! Do you know how many yards of lace we'll need to make the mantilla?

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  • WATCHING THIS TOO!!  ... I'm on the MAJOR HUNT! 
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  • @Jessica & Mark - I can send you the dimensions of my mantilla but it would have to be tonight since my mom has it.

    @XxMari15xX - I send it to you too if you are interested.

    You know when little things get you so excited you wanna scream?!!? I was just talking to my mom about this since it seems NO ONE in my family owns a mantilla.  Everytime I google "MANTILLA" veils come out.

    This is soo freaking awesome.  Thank you ladies!
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  • Yes, please, also send me the dimensions!! Thanks for your feedback!
  • Thanks for the input! I think you are Leslie's friend, right? You look familiar from her FB pics of your wedding.  If it is you, your pics are GORGEOUS!!! 

    I worked with Leslie for about 4 years at Sweetwater and we're still friends =)
  • @Ecarrandi - I tried sending a PM but I keep getting a message saying user not found. Please send me a PM so I could respond back or if you like send me your e-mail.
  • Mademoiselle, can you also send me a PM with more information on mantilla's. I really appreciate it!
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