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Inviting co-workers??

Ok...I need help!!

What's worse:

1.  Inviting only 2-3 of the coworkers with their spouses
2.  Inviting 7-8 coworkers (girls) without their spouses

I don't know what to so...I see these people every day!!


Re: Inviting co-workers??

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    Yes! I was in the same situation!!! I decided to only invite 3 other co-workers with their spouses because we eat lunch together at times and they all know about my wedding so I felt in a way obligated..
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    I wouldn't invite anyone without their spouces - if they are married I think they should be a unit so I'd invite the 2-3. I am only inviting 2 people from work who I talk to outside of the office. Granted we do some happy hours as a group but I didn't count that as outside. Basically I thought, I'm looking for another job right now, who do I think ill see once I move on? They got invited. It is kinda awk at first because you see them daily but I think they understand!
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    agree w/ pp - if they are married i'd definitely invite them w/ their spouse. i only invited co-workers that i actually hang out w/ outside of work... (so about 5-6 and those w/ spouses are bringing them) GL :):)
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    Such a toughie..

    Honestly, I'd invite them all INCLUDING their spouses.

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    I agree with PP! You should invite the guest with their spouse.
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    I probably wouldn't go to a wedding if my FI was not invited.  I say invite the 3 coworkers with their spouses. 
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    as everyone else has said you need to invite the spouses. if they are single, you dont need to include a +1.

    i ended up inviting my whole office, we are 16 ppl, most are married. it ends up being a huge impact on my guest list. but my dad is one of the bosses which made it nearly impossible to cut anyone without being tacky.
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    I have been having the same problem. Either I invite the people that I work with and their spouses (17 people), some of which I dont like and spouses who I've never met. Or I just invite the work crew, which only is like 9. Or I really just invite the ones I talk to, which are 2 people.  Im really leaning heavily towards not inviting spouses.

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    Okay... So this has been my BIG issue.....   I am a nurse in a HUGH medical center. I use to work the ICU but now do management. SO I have invited 9 nurse friends without their spouses... I really only talk to 3 of them on a regular basis the others I have always gotten along with and would love for them to come. 
       SO the invites went out with only 1 seat being reserved. My return RSVP dates ends 2.14... and this is how I am handling it.... I know that some of my family out of town will not be able to make it (health issues), I KNOW i can accommodate the spouses. HOWEVER, I am seeing who really wants to come to my wedding.... Out of those individuals one 1 person has sent in her RSVP. I spoke to her today and told her that I will be able to accommodate her hubby but I asked her to PLEASE do not share this with the others.... If those that  cannot make a sacrifice to go as one to support me in my big day- then WHY should i pay a 100 plate for a spouse whom I Barely know.....    Its a special day and I dont want any fakers there... Be true to me and I will be true to you.....     

    Its  a tough decision and I wish you luck because ITS REALLY hard.... Just remember its YOUR day- DONT LET anyone MESS with YOUR DAY!!!    Kel
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    Muneca -not to sound all rude but if I got an invite an my Fi was not allowed to come an you know he exists I probably would decline ... It's as one person said there a "unit" that to me is insulting not allowing me to bring my Fi ... I'd rather not get an invite then have to tell my Fi sorry babe your not invited because she doesn't know you but that's my own opinion. With that said .... I'm up in the air I know lots of people in my company but in my office there are only 12 of us ... I am close friends with one an hangout outside of work with her. She does not have a man in her life at the moment however because she would only know 2 people at my wedding including me I am allowing her a date of between now an then she has a boyfriend or of she doesn't she has said she would bring her sister ... I don't want her to feel uncomfortable because we have different friends but I value our friendship and want her there, plus we discussed prior to Fi proposing she would be invited. As for my friends unless there in committed relationship they won't be getting a plus one as we are all same circle of friends and know each other for yrs!
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    I would only invite the co-workers that you hang out with outside of work, plus their spouses. 

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    Question for those saying they would not go to a wedding if FI wasnt invited. Do you honestly think your FI wants to go to a wedding when he doesn't know anyone there? I know mine wouldn't. I'm still on the fence to the original question bc I feel the same way. I would rather have my work girls at my wedding but I'm going to include the spouses on the list and budget for them but kinda hope they won't want to come.
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_florida-south-florida_inviting-co-workers?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:67Discussion:4671b67f-5601-494e-87c0-11f3f03d7cf6Post:f804bb4e-7751-4a98-8b1f-fa2f1a0bd71b">Re: Inviting co-workers??</a>:
    [QUOTE]Question for those saying they would not go to a wedding if FI wasnt invited. Do you honestly think your FI wants to go to a wedding when he doesn't know anyone there? I know mine wouldn't. I'm still on the fence to the original question bc I feel the same way. I would rather have my work girls at my wedding but I'm going to include the spouses on the list and budget for them but kinda hope they won't want to come.
    Posted by AMYM312[/QUOTE]

    I was invited to a friends wedding Fi had met her maybe once an the invite was to me & guest he couldnt make it due to being away at school but if he were in town he said he would've gone because she was my friend and he new it meant a lot to me. Let me tell ya I went alone an while I was happy for my friend I was solo that part sucked especially when I only new two people including the bride. The other person I new had brought her sister. At least give them the option to bring there spouse if they can't make it then that's not within your control.
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    Im a nurse as well and i was in that situation as well. Im inviting everyone including their signifivant other. I dont think its right to invite one person and not the other one. And i think if someone is married then you have to invite their significant other.
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    WOW...def a lot of to think about!! 

    @Danny&amp;Mel2003, in this situation it wouldnt be that they just know 1 or 2 plus the bride, the whole table would be people from work.

    Its hard but I don't know how to NOT invite the girls from the office jsut to have 5 extra people that dont know me or my fiance.

    Im not sure what to do...I thought about talking to them individually and seeing what they say and go from there.

    I mean ME personally would not be insulted if that was said to me...I actually would hope that they can confide in me and say "I consider you a friend and want you at my wedding, but I dont have enough room to accomodate your boyfriend/husband, would you be ok to make it a girls night with the rest of the girls from the office".
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    I feel your pain - I'm in a management position with 10 other directors, plus my own staff who hear about my wedding. I'm inviting my direct supervisor and direct staff with their significant others. However, I had a co-worker who recently got married and asked would I be upset if I invited you and not your significant other. My hunnie would rather not attend weddings and we weren't offended so I went without him. If you are in a really tight bind and have enough confidence with them, be honest.  You never know.
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