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Need Venue!!!

Hi everyone,
we are looking to get married June 24th of this year but are having a hard time finding a venue that we can bring our own caterer...that isn't outside, since it will be crazy hot! any suggestions? we would like to do a day time brunch wedding...

Re: Need Venue!!!

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    County parks like Long Key Nature Center or Anne Kolb allow caterers. We had a lot of trouble finding that option and ended up at Sunrise Grand Ballroom at the Civic Center. The caterer is really good but I think there is a buyout option.
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    What county are you looking for?

    Old School Square in Delray Beach allows you to bring in your own vendors, is reasonably priced, and is unique!

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    All the broward county parks allow to bring in your own food and they have some nice buildings that you can have the event inside. Also depending on your size there is a historic museum in ft lauderdale right by himmershee street that also allows it but their indoor space is kind of small.
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    If you are looking in Broward, you can also check out the Old Davie School Historical Museum. You would have to actually go and visit them, as any pics I have found online aren't great. I'll be getting married there in April, but will have my ceremony outside, reception inside.
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    most country clubs allow for you to bring in your own catering too
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    thank you for the feedback, i have been trying to get in touch w/ old school square for almost a week now and no one is calling me back. i am very interested in it but if i can't get someone to respond i am not sure if it will work!
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