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Newport Beachside reviews

Hey Knotties,

I just recently fell upon the Newport Beachside in Sunny Isles. This is a little further than I would like to go, but I am open to anything right now within Miami-Dade.

Has anyone had their wedding here?  Anyone been to a wedding here? If so, pros cons etc.  Anything I should know?  I can't get too much information out of their website. 

Please let me know.

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Re: Newport Beachside reviews

  • RiivahRiivah member
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    Well my friend had her wedding at Newport and I must say I was impressed. I wanted to have my reception there as well so here are the pros and cons i learned:

    Pro: The upstairs reception site is huge (Beach background) and plain for creativity purposes.
    Pro: There is a dedicated cocktail hour before entering the upstairs site.
    Pro: There is the choice to use their downstair restaurant as a cocktail hour before 5p.
    Pro: If you want something quaint and not as large as the upstairs site they have that too

    Con: The distance
    Con: There is only one event planner and 3-4 weddings that can be planned at the same time. She is spread thin and made mistakes for my friends wedding
    Con: $$$ except sunday which is $$
    CON: TOO MANY PEOPLE - it is always busy in the lobby and congested esp. when parking. Not only that if you use the upstairs cocktail site - hotel patrons have access 

    Hope this helps, happy planning
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    Thanks this does help.

    And ironically, the price has been the most reasonable so far.  But they may add here and there to jack it up.
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  • pizascorpiopizascorpio member
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    I have never been to a wedding at Newport Beachside, but i did look at it for my own wedding.  I very much liked the planner there, and the hotel is beautiful.  The reception area i absolutely loved.  My main problem with them was the ceremony location.  The price of the ceremony though depends on the location there.  The most expensive and probably best is to be on the beach.  My problem with that is because Florida's beaches are public, you cannot prevent people from being in the way or crashing your ceremony (the planner though tries to clear everyone out, and regaled me with the tale of two women in string bikinis that were difficult to convince to move).  You can also have the wedding outside of the hotel by the beach but still on the patio of the hotel.  It is not really all that picturesque, plus people will still be sitting at the pool and that will not be cleared out for your wedding, though they will turn down the music. 
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    Thanks for the info. 

    I would only do the reception there.  My ceremony is in a church so no string bikini worries there.  LoL
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  • danzigweddingdanzigwedding member
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    we flew down to miami for a night to check out a bunch of hotels, and we chose the newport to stay at becasue that was my favorite thus far. When i got there, there was some sort of rap convention going on. The place was so busy and music was blaring....they had a wedding going on that day. i just kept thinking that if i were getting married on a day like this, I'd be so stressed with all the commotion.
    the pool area was really nice and i liked the set up on the beach but i couldnt get past the fact that they planned an event like that on someones wedding day. and they couldnt promise that they wouldnt do the same for mine.

    also, they said they gave us one of their nicest rooms (because they knew we were there to check the place out as our venue) and i just remember the bathroom door being broken...i dont usually care about stuff like that, but they said that they were giving us one of the best rooms....maybe they were just talking about the view because the view was great...the room...not so great.
    hope this helps!
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    Imagine spending your wedding night in a gross room!

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