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olddie knotie with a question

Its amazing its been four months already that i have been married.
Yesterday after drama with the photographer i finally got my pictures and video.
Well make a story short i had asked to make a picture with a thank you on the picture.
The question is since its been four months already since the wedding should i send thank you cards??????

Re: olddie knotie with a question

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    JillianLLJillianLL member
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    Absolutely!! Thank you cards are a must and not sending them is a major no-no!! 
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    Vanessa, can you email me please... I have a question for you. THanks!


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    Hey, Internet Hug lady! LOL How have you been? Congrats on the 4 months!

    Definitely send those thank you cards, better late than never, it will make your guests feel like they gifted you things you are thankful for!
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    Dee729Dee729 member
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    Vanessa -

    You know its funny..I was set to BUY the same wedding dress as you..I fell in love with it....you made an EXCELLENT selection!!

    Your wedding shoes....I bought those in GOLD from Payless..needed them for a wedding....they were comfortable....bought them in silver for my RD!!!
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    Lacey36Lacey36 member
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    Yes for sure send those thank you cards. Its is neccessary and way of thanking your guests for coming. Its better late then never.
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