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Weather Vibes Needed Please!

So I'm supposed to fly down from NY to West Palm on Wednesday morning, but now there's a big snowstorm coming all day Tuesday and Wednesday, and it's looking like they might be cancelling flights :(  I haveeee to get down to FL because on Wednesday I have a dentist appt, first thing thursday I have my b-pics (which I'm already nervous about!), then my first fitting with Reina, then on Friday my final tasting with my caterer and two cake tastings, then my shower on Saturday


I'm hoping to convince my boss to let me potentially get off work on Tuesday too, but we have to wait until tomorrow around noon to figure out if I can fly at 6:50pm tomorrow.  ughhhh!! Any vibes and prayers for good weather would be greatly appreciated! if you can't tell by my frantic writing, i'm starting to freak out!


Re: Weather Vibes Needed Please!

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