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Needing a woohsaw moment (vent)

Grrr. Oooh my FI is treading on thin ice. I dont know how many times I have asked him to write a few words on our website about his groomsmen. And he refuses to do it or says yeah I'll do it but never does. But I'm sure he posted something on his car forum today. Looks like I'm gonna have to go thru with my "blackmail" which includes me scanning in a picture of him wearing the mickey mouse ears hat on to facebook. Is there anything having to do with the wedding that you have asked your FI to do or help with that results in the above??
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Re: Needing a woohsaw moment (vent)

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    honey, we are in the same boat!! my fi hasn't even asked his boys yet!!! we've been engaged over a year!! I've decided to just go around him. If the boys need the info i have i'll just send it to them, he'll look stupid. You should write about ur girls and leave the boys stuff blank... once he sees it.. he'll either think.  $hit.. i should write something.. or they really wouldn't care.. either way they will know its his call not urs.

    hope this helps.
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    What car forum is he on?
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    My FI wants to be involved with everything (so he said). He was actually the one to make our website. I know it is frustrating when you want the FI to do something and he doesn't. He is involved in everything I don't care about him really being involved with and when I do need his help and involvement he is not by my side.

    Just let him look like a fool you do your part and peopel will know his is blank b/c he ever got around to it. Or you can just write what you kow about the GM and if he doesn't like it oh well! Then he will be quick to changing it :)
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  • allik1981allik1981 member
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    Luckily my FI has been extremely involved, although I think that's partly because we split up jobs and I made sure he only got things that he would want to do (find the DJ, deal with music, make website, put together video for rehearsal dinner, etc.), but we have friends that are getting married on the 5th and the groom is just not involved at all.  So much so that my FI just found out last Thursday that he is a groomsmen in the wedding!  So all weekend we were scrambling to get his outfit and find shoes, etc. Hopefully as he sees you doing stuff he will want to be a part of it all.   I think you should just make sure he sees you writing stuff on the website so he realizes "oh I haven't done that yet, maybe I should"
  • sambrefe67sambrefe67 member
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    I was sent an email by a friend of mine who recently got married.  She was telling me how if FI doesnt want to be involved don't push him, because itll cause fights and this time is suppose to be charished. My FI could CARELESS!!! he just wants us to get married and live happily ever after.  Only thing he is slightly interested in, is the DJ bc he wants to make sure theyplay the music he likes too! haha  I was pushing him to help and we were arguing about it. So I stopped, and its been smooth sailing ever since.  he'll ask what im doing Ill tell him, and he wil glance then move on.  Some men just dont like wedding planning.  He wont even ask one of his groomsmen to be the best man. He asked them to be in the wedding, but thats it. I want him to ask one more guy so were even and he pitched a fit! So I decided NO MORE! LOL

    Sorry for such a long response
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    My FI thinks the fact that I made a website is a joke...he says im really going overboard and has not even looked at it...seriously he doesnt care about anythign wedding related just asks me what needs to get paid and thats it...he does want to go to the all food tasting and to talk to the DJ and he wants to pick out the cake ( I find that part funny but hes excited about the cake stuff)...but besides that he doesnt want to hear about it...he says he doesnt care what we do as long as we get married...he would be happy with anything!
  • MsGinaMACMsGinaMAC member
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    omg I totally feel you on that, especially on the car forum part, FI is constantly on his stupid car forum talking about his beloved Camaro, I swear if he could marry that car he would.  I had to bribe him for the e-pics by telling him the photographer would take some pro pics of his stupid car!

    I also have asked him to write some things about his GM's but has he? NO! 

    I feel you on this vent... Unfortuantly I have no advice, cause I have yet to find a solution myself...
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    he is either on the SS Colbat Forum or South florida racing ( that one im not sure about)
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    i figured there were others out there like me.. and i was asked by him not to talk about our "personal stuff" on facebook so i just need to vent. Thanks at least i know we all have this kind of thing happening
    getting married in days
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