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Calligraphy by Lorraine ROCKS!!

Hi Ladies,

I just have to rave about my calligrapher.  I just picked up my invites (10 day turnaround!) and not only do they look beautiful, but the price is really reasonable!  She charges $2.50 per outer envelope and $0.25 per inner envelope...which is less than the other two I called when getting quotes.  I can't believe I got my invitations professionally done for less than $200!!

If you are looking for a calligrapher, definitely call Lorriane!

Re: Calligraphy by Lorraine ROCKS!!

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    thanks! this is really heplful
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  • irwin3138irwin3138 member
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    can you post any pics?I have been getting quotes all around. thanks!!
  • ucfandreaucfandrea member
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    If you PM me your email address, I will send you her sample sheet - so you can see all the options she offers (she tries to match (or closely resemble) the calligraphy to your font  on the invites.  Like I said, she rocks.
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