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Second, Flower Trial Pics!

My caterer is doing my flowers, linens, chairs, food, service, etc. etc. etc.

She had a wedding at Douglas Entranec this past weekend and invited me to go. I was able to have a walk through of the venue and she walked me through how things will happen the day of, and showed me where things will go (like my photobooth).

The flowers chosen by that bride are pretty much what I want. I plan on having Two long tables on each side of the dance floor and four square tables in the center of that. The tall centerpieces will go on the square tables, and then on the long tables she said she would probably put one in the center and then put lower centerpieces down the rest of the table. This is all hoping that I don't change my mind from here to the wedding.

The flowers...

And her cake stand which I will be using... I think its BEAUTIFUL!

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Re: Second, Flower Trial Pics!

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