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Are we being crazy?

Since Fi and I decided to have a candy bar, we decided that we were gonna make the table look like it come out of willie wonkas factory ( Big Lollipop props, Colorful linen for table, and lots of colorful candy.....The linen rental place think I am crazy for considering having a colorful linen for that table...They said it should all match...Ive worked on some stuff but now I am second guessing myself :( What do you girls think?
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Re: Are we being crazy?

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    FaithCaitlinFaithCaitlin member
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    I think it would be fun if it was Willy Wonka-y but only if it vibes with the rest of your wedding. If you're doing a super elegant, black tie affair, I might skip it. I love the idea though and I think that you should do it if you think it would be fun and if it's "you"!

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    [QUOTE]Yes...you are crazy. Oh! About the table? no. Do what you want...it is your wedding! lol
    Posted by EricaMay77[/QUOTE]

    Too funny! I think it would be fine but I think a solid color would make the candy POP more than a colorful table cloth, it will all kind of blend then.
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    It's your wedding, so go for it.  I think the fun colorful table will end up being a must have shot in everyones camera and people will remember it.  I have been to weddings with candy bars, and I just tried to remember details of them and couldn't which means they maybe bored me. 

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    anaroo87anaroo87 member
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    Well, depends on the colorful lol... if you're thinking rainbows of colors.. might look a little crazy, but who cares? Althought I do agree it would let the candy pop more if you had 1 solid, but bright and fun colorful. OR one of those glittery or decorative sheer overlays onto a solid tabelcloth.
    Here's a couple I found that are colorful and still coordinate:

    Also... look at the first pic on the site below (it wouldn't let me copy it) It is of big lollipops surrounded by gumballs. Looks really fun. I presume the lollipop sticks are stuck into one of those big styrofoam sheets.
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    I say GO FOR IT!!! Don't let the vendor tell you what does and does not look good. If it's something you really like, do it!
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